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AI system


AI systems can help you drive intelligent reinvention of your workflow, your technology and your entire organization to turn your business into a conscious one. Our industry experts help you implement a data-first strategy that leverages your information in real-time, enhances with third-party sources, and integrates with cutting-edge technologies like IoT, cognitive automation and artificial intelligence. 

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a process that mimics human intelligence based on the creation and application of algorithms that are executed in a dynamic computing environment. Its purpose is to allow computers to think and act like humans. 

An AI system usually has three components:

- Computer system

- Data with management system

- Advanced AI algorithms (code)

To get as close as possible to human behavior, artificial intelligence needs a large amount of data and high processing power.

Today, humans and machines generate data faster than humans can absorb and interpret it to make complex decisions. Artificial intelligence is the basis of all computer learning and represents the future of complex decision-making processes. 

Computers can calculate these combinations, and the best possible permutations are very efficient, to make the right decision. AI (with logical evolution, machine learning) and deep learning represent the future of decision making.

Uses of AI system

AI is present in our daily lives. For example, it is used by financial institutions' fraud detection services, to forecast purchase intentions, and in interactions with online customer services. Here are some examples:

Fraud detection: In the financial industry, artificial intelligence is used in two ways. Applications that score credit applications use AI to assess consumer creditworthiness. More advanced AI tools are responsible for monitoring and detecting fraudulent payments made with credit cards in real time.

Service of customer Virtuality (SCV): Call centers use SCVs to anticipate and respond to customer requests without human intervention. Voice recognition and human dialogue simulators are the first point of interaction with customer service. More complex requirements require human intervention.

When Internet users open a dialogue window on a website (chatbot), their interlocutor is usually a computer running a specialized AI form. If the chatbot can't explain the question or solve the problem, a human agent takes over. These interpretation errors are sent to the machine learning system to improve future interactions of AI applications.

Why should businesses invest in AI systems?

Real-life use cases of artificial intelligence will define your business. You need the right expertise, data, AI tools, technology, partner ecosystem, and economy to develop and deploy your artificial intelligence.

Here are the benefits when your business successfully builds an AI system:

  • Improving customer and employee experience: 99% of respondents report an increase in customer satisfaction as a result of using virtual agent technology. The use of conversational artificial intelligence can help meet customer terms and fulfill their requests, while reducing effort.
  • Systematically operating, maintaining and expanding artificial intelligence: Nearly a third of CEO plan to increase investment in artificial intelligence as a result of the pandemic. ZinPro solutions can help you run, maintain, and scale AI solutions consistently from testing to production.
  • Mitigating brand and reputation risks with AI experts: More than 75% of large organizations will hire artificial intelligence experts to reduce brand and reputation risks. Data and analytics service providers enable targeted initiatives focused on trusted information and data-driven decision-making.

ZinPro and artificial intelligence (AI) system

ZinPro understands the importance of data access, management and control. We can provide a unified data management environment spanning endpoints, data centers, and multiple hyper-scale clouds. It enables companies of all sizes to accelerate mission-critical applications, improve data visibility, optimize data protection, and improve functional agility.

ZinPro has also begun integrating big data analytics and artificial intelligence into its own products and services, using billions of data points, predictive analytics, and a powerful machine learning engine to deliver Proactive customer support proposals for complex business environments.

Harnessing the power of AI, data, and advanced analytics to gain insights, create trusted transactions, and use intelligence in revolutionary, ethical, and secure ways. Innovating and transforming the way people and machines work from the edge to the cloud. ZinPro will help you achieve AI-powered automated business results by working closely with your data, business and IT team. Contact Hotline 0835-299-922.

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