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Android App Development And What You Need To Know


Android is a mobile operating system that is widely used all over the world. With a boom in smartphone sales in recent years, Android has taken up an important place in the daily lives of millions of people, to the point that it is the mobile operating system with the most apps in circulation. On-demand android app design services are also becoming more popular.

What is android mobile application?

Mobile applications are equivalent to computer software but are downloaded and installed directly on smartphones.

It is a program that is embedded on the user's mobile device, after it has been previously downloaded for free or for a fee depending on the choice of the company that created it.

Once downloaded, the app is represented as a small icon that displays on the smartphone screen. It can then be used at will simply by tapping on the icon in question, through its touchscreen.

An application, as its name suggests, fulfilling one function, one utility, can be very diverse. It offers a multitude of different uses from games to information, purchases, reservations, music...

An Android application is a mobile application specially developed for smartphones using the Android application system purchased and developed by Google.

Today, the demand for developing Android applications is very diverse, serving fields such as games, online commerce, information services and other utilities...

Learning about Android mobile application development service

Android apps make it possible to reach a large audience. However, nowadays, the competition is so fierce, it is very difficult to get your app to appear on the stores. It takes considerable time and investment.

This is why mobile app communication is strategic. The type of platform is also a difficult decision to make. There are many steps involved in developing an android mobile app.

The mobile application market is growing very fast. However, to be successful in your project, you must set up a production system, keep a clear idea of ​​the important application development phases. Here are some tips for creating apps for smartphones and tablets:

  • Clearly defining your concept and the goal of the application.
  • Before creating a mobile app, choose its type: content management app or shopping app.
  • Creating a prototype to work on the essentials. Remember that it must meet different standards than a website. It must be usable on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Applying an economic model: Paid, free, advertising, commercial.
  • Starting actual programming. For a native application, each operating system has its specific programming language.
  • The original application has all the qualities needed to grow the business.

How to create an android application?

Starting with an idea

A good application must start with a good idea. It is an idea that meets the needs of customers and users.


The specifications for a smartphone application are the unified support and reference for your mobile application. This process requires meticulousness and takes a lot of time.

Programming language

The choice of programming language will depend on the type of native application, web application or hybrid application... that you want to develop. For Android apps, you need to find developers who can work with Android Studio in Java, Kotlin, or C.

The most common for Android apps is to create a mobile app using Java. If you have to use heavy algorithms, you should develop apps for Android C.

Launching and developing app

The launch process is very important and absolutely necessary to integrate the mobile application into the ecosystem of digital media tools. A successful strategy allows you to benefit from your existing media users while also attracting new potential customers.

Here's the basics of what's involved in Android app development. Developing a mobile app requires a lot of factors. So you'll need experts who are really knowledgeable in this area. Contact us via hotline +84-835-299 922 if you need to develop a professional mobile application.