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Travel App Design

App for Booking Air Tickets

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Travel App Design

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Online business on platforms such as facebook, zalo, instagram is increasingly popular, especially online business on mobile apps is also developing and bringing stable and sustainable performance. The flight booking app brings a wealth of benefits to the ticketer and benefits of today's airline ticketing agents.

Learn about flight booking app

There are many different ways to book flights, people can book at the booking switchboard of airlines, airline ticketing centers, travel centers, and individuals selling tickets. But through an individual or too many organizations, the cost of airfare can be higher and it is impossible to control details from a to z. Therefore, the development of the flight booking app has given people the opportunity to hunt for cheap tickets, plan a reasonable flight, choose seats as well as the right time.

Online flight booking App is an application that runs on mobile devices, is a channel to exchange, buy, sell and book tickets between sellers and buyers of airline tickets.

Flight booking app is smartly designed, convenient, eye-catching interface, scientific configuration to bring smooth experience for users. In addition, the bookkeeper can track flight and flight information easily.

The features of the flight booking app

Search flight route quickly

Mobile App integrates the entire flight sector of the airlines operating, domestic and international flight itineraries also quickly display when customers search.

Filter the results by cost, time and detailed flight itinerary

Filter and sort search results on cost, time, detailed flight itinerary according to the needs of the booker.

Booking tickets

Fast flight booking, simple payment, providing the best flight ticket buying experience for mobile app users.


Mobile App is designed on request, integrates many smart features, helps analyze and find airline tickets, compare prices and select itineraries, find the cheapest tickets with the most convenient options.

Notification settings

The system will be installed to send notifications to customers confirming flight departure time and landing time, notification of successful payment, notice of flight cancellation, notice of flight cancellation, ... guarantee to update all news to the fastest bookingers.

Information storage and absolute confidentiality

The system saves personal information and passports of passengers so that the booking after the procedure will be quickly and save time.

In addition, on the mobile app has integrated suggestions based on the needs of flights, such as business trips, travel, .. will help passengers refer to information such as reasonable accommodation, delicious places to eat. , virtual living places with beautiful views, travel itineraries for people who want to explore, ..

Especially mobile app secures absolute information, you can set a password for the application and password when logging in to your account.

Some other features of the flight booking mobile app are: application sharing, online check-in, application reviews, mailboxes, ...

Benefits when designing flight booking app

Reach customers easily and retain potential customers

Create professionalism for the company / business / airline ticket agent

Create a habit of booking air tickets for customers at the app and customers will accompany you for a long time easily

Effective, sustainable marketing, optimal cost saving

Always 24/7 customer support

Professional and professional management system, which helps to control ticket booking, cancellation, finance, revenue and expenditure, .. of the best business.

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Mobile app design service at Zin Pro:

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Designing the flight booking app, come right to Zin Pro, contact hotline 0835 299 922 for detailed support.

Travel App Designing

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15 - 30 days