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Medical App Design

App for Clinic Management

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Medical App Design

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You are looking for integrated management software for efficient management of healthcare clinics. ZinPro provides clinic app design services - is the software that can handle treatment planning to billing, including appointment scheduling and medical imaging integration.

Why do we need to design the clinic app

Smartphones are now a part of everyday life. Hospitals can also take advantage of this and actively incorporate comprehensive intelligent systems into the daily life of hospitals.

For example, the clinic app ensures effective communication between clinic staff, digitizes heavy specialty documents and direct use instructions at the hospital bed, and allows patients to be treated quickly and accurately. through the use of their cell phone.

Equipment operation and accurate interpretation of results can also be simplified with our clinic application.

How can we help clinics?

Zinpro designs the clinic app - your patient's digital companion.

  • Simplify communication with your patients and deliver your information, offers and recommendations in digital form.
  • Your patients will find everything they need on their own smartphones, tablets and laptops: information from A to Z, maps, addresses, phone numbers, meal plans , checklists, daily program, tips for excursions, general status as well as tips for accompanying people and more.
  • Promote the latest offers, services, and information and tips through push messages or write to your patients in conversation.
  • Your patients expect your personalized messages and are easily updated via the clinic app. Whether before, during or after their stay - with your clinic app or hospital app, patients can design their daily lives more independently and thus make their job. Your team is easier.

ZinPro clinic application

Our app is useful for managing patient records, diaries with help with appointment scheduling and availability search, integrated billing with insurance networks or even analyzing practice records by specialist and by treatment category.

Healthcare managers can now rely on a management tool that enables maximum quality of care provided while optimizing their financial and human resources.

  • Information package about clinic or hospital and region
  • Allows you to send and push chat messages
  • Drive mobile inquiries for services and offers
  • Allows patients to better plan their daily routine at the clinic
  • Make your work easier and reduce questions, calls, emails and waiting times
  • Always updated thanks to simple editing
  • Available as an app and on request, as a progressive web app (web version)

ZinPro provides clinic app design service, especially suitable for rehabilitation clinics, hospitals, medical centers and medical healthcare resorts. For more detailed advice and support, please contact Hotline: 0835-299-922.

Medical App Designing

15 - 30 days

15 - 30 days

15 - 30 days

15 - 30 days