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Business App Design

App for Managing Coffee Shops

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Business App Design

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App design needs of cafe management

Nowadays, opening cafes and soft drinks can bring you attractive profits, but at the same time, the pressure of competition is not small.

In order for your store to exist and operate effectively, you need a cafe management app so you can manage the sales process (synchronize orders from order, preparation, cashier, service). to ensure that there are no mistakes, and at the same time help customers feel the professionalism in your service, manage staff to minimize losses.

In addition, there is a specialized management app that will help you control revenue - expenditure, import - export, identify responsibilities and errors of each department (if any).

Outstanding benefits when using the cafe management app

Manage products, change prices

Remotely change your pass and price tag, the changes will automatically take effect on the cafe management app.

Manage multiple facilities

Manage your different facilities remotely on a single interface, all of your data grouped together in one place for easy management.

Your data in a safe place

Automatically back up your data after being synced across Managed Space. If your device is damaged or stolen, enter your credentials when you start your new device and automatically find all your data.

Turn your smartphone / tablet into a cash register

Just a few taps, you can easily execute payment orders as if done on a computer. This brings a lot more convenience, especially when the store is crowded.

Track your activities in real time

From the management or billing area, on your smartphone, tablet or computer, find your invoice history, analyze sales and manage your product portfolio remotely.

Detailed statistics and analysis

The cafe management App allows you to view and print sales details by product, by category, by VAT code, by payment method or on a basis.

In addition, exporting sales in Excel and PDF formats facilitates the submission of data to your accountants as well as your VAT return.

ZinPro's cafe management app design service

ZinPro has designed a cafe management app for many stores, customers choose us for the following reasons:

User-friendly interface, simple, providing cross-platform sales solution
Integrating many features to help you manage synchronization between departments, facilities
Build custom modules, you can better manage the store wherever you are
Reasonable budget
Regular and timely technical support
You are planning to open a cafe or are managing and operating the model of a cafe / chain of coffee shops and need an effective management application, choose ZinPro's cafe management app design service, we will plan and deploy for quality products to reach you in the fastest way. For more information, please contact Hotline: 0836-299-922.