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Application Design


Overview of mobile app development 

In the recent years, the rapidly increasing use of mobile devices provides a good platform for communicating different products and services. 
The mobile app can function as a product sold in Google Play, App Store, a paid monthly service or for free. This is a platform to engage users. Mobile apps can also be used as trading platforms like eBay. 
Application development is conducted most commonly on Android and iOS platforms. Since both platforms are developed in different programming languages, native application development cannot use the same piece of code for both devices, which means that if a mobile app is developed for iOS and Android environments, both will have to write their own software.
The combined mobile application provides a unique solution to this problem and allows software code to run on both platforms.

Mobile application development process at ZinPro 

At ZinPro, mobile apps are built to give the best user experience. Below is the general process we use in all our projects. 
We will thoroughly discuss with you, then we will proceed to design the user interface. If needed, we'll also make a prototype of the app, and then start designing and developing the app.
Developing mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, as well as between its backend and frontend. We choose hybrid or native technology as the mobile app deployment method.
Testing the mobile app internally or with the customer testing team before releasing the app. 
Integrated testing and load resistance measurement are important in testing the application's back-end system.For users, this step will be reflected in the quality of the mobile app.
After the app is released, if any arises, ZinPro's team of experts will assist you to handle it promptly, quickly or assist you in app marketing.
If you have an idea for a mobile app, contact us. ZinPro will develop a breakthrough mobile application for you, promoting the growth of your business. ZinPro is always ready to listen, advise and give you the best solution via Hotline: +84-835-299 922.

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