Bitbucket service

What is Bitbucket?

Bitbucket is known by many names such as bitbugket, bibucket, bitbucker, bitbucket… People are increasingly interested in the system that manages the well-known version of code, Bitbucket. This is a system that manages many different versions of code, they are a support service that provides source code repositories to projects.

Launched in Australia in 2008, this system developed very quickly, only 2 years later was acquired by an Australian company and updated with many other features to help support Git Repository about 1 year later.

For Bitbucket, they are supported by both Mercurial VCS and Git, and are written in the Python programming language and used the main web framework Django. Therefore, apps like Android, Windows and Mac can all use this system.

The main attraction of BitBucket is its ability to host an unlimited number of private repositories for small groups (1-5 users). Bitbucket's user interface wasn't as simple as GitHub's at first, and its functionality was limited. Now, however, the two services are becoming more and more similar - and BitBucket's popularity is growing.

Bitbucket package quotes

ZinPro gives the best detailed Bitbucket quote and reasonable cost, please refer to it. In particular, for detailed advice on the service, please contact the hotline 0835 299 922 for dedicated support.

Build minutes and Git Large File Storage that scales with your needs

Need more than your Bitbucket plan provides for a month? Add additional build minutes and Git LFS for that month, giving your team flexibility to scale your usage on demand.

Benefits of hosting in the cloud

Get immediate access to our latest features with automatic upgrades. No servers, no storage, no maintenance — we host your site for you

Enterprise-grade security and centralized administration with Atlassian Access

SAML single sign-on. User provisioning and deprovisioning. Real-time Active Directory sync. Organization audit log.

Cloud Pricing FAQ

Yes! Bitbucket is free for individuals and small teams with up to 5 users, with unlimited public and private repositories. You also get 1 GB file storage for LFS and 50 build minutes to get started with Pipelines. You share build minutes and storage with all users in your workspace.

A user is anyone with access to one or more repositories in your Bitbucket workspace. Once you give a user access to a private repository they count as a user on your billing plan. A workspace is a collaborative model that provides a single default user experience for how you collaborate across your organization. A workspace houses all repositories, users, and groups in one centralized space. Workspaces are elastic, growing with your team to be as big as you want, supporting thousands of users, or staying as small as you want, down to a single user. A workspace allows you to more easily invite others to work together on repositories, monitor and control access to repositories, and manage third-party apps.

A "build minute" is one minute of machine time running a Pipelines build. 1 GB of “file storage” is the available storage space, currently through LFS, for media or other large files. This storage space is in addition to 1 GB of storage per repository. You share build minutes and storage with all users on your workspace.

Credit card (including MasterCard, Visa or American Express) via our secure online order form at the end of your signup.

Yes! If you’re an admin you can change your plan from Standard to Premium and vice versa by heading to your team or personal account settings, Plan details, and 'change plan'.

We offer annual Bitbucket Premium subscriptions for brand new customers. We do not yet offer annual subscriptions for existing customers and those who want to purchase a Standard annual subscription.

Standard plan includes all the current features in Bitbucket including LFS and Pipelines. Premium plan is a pricing tier for teams that require granular admin controls, security and auditing capabilities. In addition to everything the Standard plan offers, the Premium plan includes merge checks, IP whitelisting, deployment permissions, required two-step verification and smart mirroring.

Yes! Community or academic subscriptions include unlimited private repositories for unlimited contributors which also includes 5 GB file storage for LFS and 500 build minutes for Pipelines to help you get started. You share build minutes and storage with all users on your team or personal account. Fees will apply for additional build minutes and file storage.

When you sign up with your academic email address, we will automatically convert your account to an unlimited academic plan. If your account doesn't automatically get converted, you can apply to have your institution added.

Atlassian supports organizations that seek to do good in the world. If yours is a non-profit charitable organization, you can apply for an Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud Community subscription.

Our cloud products provide a complete SaaS solution, ready-made for all Atlassian customers. With cloud, we do the heavy lifting for you by providing built-in platform security and compliance, quick and simple set up, and financially backed SLAs for uptime and performance. Cloud comes with the added benefit of continuous innovation so your end-users will always have the latest and greatest features and functionality. Our Data Center products enable you the flexibility to deploy on an infrastructure of your choice. It’s best for those who have unique or complex operating requirements or need to scale beyond our current cloud user tiers. You’ll have complete control over data management, security and compliance, when you upgrade, and how you manage uptime and performance. We recommend Data Center for those who have stricter requirements and can’t move to cloud just yet.

GitLab - GitHub - Bitbucket comparison

Why Gitlab?

  • Fully Git functionalities (No Government Legal and Policy issue)
  • Open-source community edition repository management platform
  • It is a cloud-native application and is highly secure
  • Cheapest Pricing
  • Have CI/CD built in
  • Have Issue Tracker
Tại sao nên chọn Gitlab?