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Transport App Design

Booking car management App

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Transport App Design

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Vehicle booking and fleet management app for any company that provides transportation services with a large number of employees and vehicles. If your company is having trouble concentrating vehicle information and trying to optimize booking times, sharing customer trip schedules and the efficiency of the current system, this tool will really helpful.

What is a car booking App?

The online booking app is an app to connect, share the move to help users easily find, book a car, select the nearest driver, the ideal route for the trip and convenient payment method to get one. Safe, comfortable and fast route, without waiting time like traditional motorbike taxi ride.

The advantage of this form is that you can book and pay in advance anytime, anywhere, no need to go to the fixed station, not to queue. This is really a necessary solution in today's busy, modern society.

ZinPro's car booking app design service

Zinpro provides a shipping app design service with a clear and intuitive interface, flexible use on smartphone devices, tablets to help users easily reserve, choose the right vehicle ...

For transport service businesses, our app will help you manage your fleet better. You can manage the number of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, bicycles ...), add different services to them, request a summary of interventions on a vehicle or information on the account. vehicle registration data ...

Vehicle booking and fleet management software for safer management. The head can manage the distribution of vehicles, tracking system

list the average number of miles traveled per trip, vehicle use rate, number of kilometers achieved per user, customer feedback ...

Based on that information, you can identify excellent employees, loyal customers or data that allows you to optimize the vehicle's rotation, predict fleet modifications, to better understand use by employees and, if needed, to provide consistency and user satisfaction.

The outstanding features when designing the vehicle booking app, fleet management


Search for an available vehicle based on criteria (location, number of passengers, km)
Book a car according to the schedule
Book and schedule specific time on smartphone app
Track the trip
Book by authorized person only

Customer account

Vehicle booking history, trip
Modify reservation information
Offers included for accounts
Integrate diversified payment methods
Feedback, reviews

Vehicle fleet management

Operation management: overhaul, accident, repair ...
Media permissions management with the ability to view or reserve certain media only
Usage statistics, the number of kilometers traveled per vehicle and per beneficiary

Vehicle distribution

Automatically allocate and distribute vehicles according to your convenient route
Retrieve information regarding anomaly
Restores the number of kilometers traveled
The ability to communicate with other means of the same management system

Other utilities

Management rights, secure access
Custom statistical publications
Planning consulting
Compatible on popular platforms: Android and IOS

Thus, our vehicle booking and fleet management app is a system solution that helps your business manage, operate and serve customers more attentively, increasing competitiveness. Especially, this is an economical, fast, safe and effective form. If you are interested in our app design service, please contact Hotline: 0835-299-922 for more advice.

Transport App Designing

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