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Spa management software is a tool designed to facilitate the management of healthcare specialist organizations. They represent the ideal solution to optimize services provided to customers while keeping their business running. Thanks to these automated apps, the management of the salon becomes easier.

Why use Spa management app?

Spa management App intended for all professions related to the profession. It can be a spa, a beauty salon or a spa treatment center. Whatever the main activity of the center, a spa tool allows users to optimize the quality of their services.

It offers the ability to automate a number of tasks, such as scheduling appointments and booking. Treatment centers can also quickly create satisfaction questionnaires to encourage clients to give additional comments about the services provided.

Here are the advantages when you have a Spa management application:

  • It facilitates inventory management by automating inventory of products for sale
  • It allows for online payments, significantly reducing cancellations
  • Reservations can be made online
  • It improves customer relationships by recording payments. For example, this allows the institute to improve customer loyalty by providing them with free, score-based care.

The outstanding features of the Spa management app

Manage appointments

Thanks to the well-established agenda, customers can easily book appointments online. The periods shown on the program are relative to the available days only. Send email and sms to confirm the appointment with the customer. Also, there will be an integrated multi-source schedule of time spent each treatment, available stores and equipment used.

Customer file management

To better serve customers, it is necessary to optimize customer file management. With the spa management app, users will only take a few minutes to complete the contact form. There are often specific fields to track customer activity, subscriptions. The software will also provide details such as skin type, allergies, preferences, the goal is to understand each client as well as possible.

Money management

This feature allows the spa manager to closely monitor his or her point of sale, remotely or on site. Its purpose is to facilitate invoicing and collection, both for employees and for customers.

The app also has the ability to perform automatic debit in case of payment by credit card. At the same time, the software provides inventory management, useful for re-inventorying or giving promotions.


In order to optimize the customer experience, the healthcare center must be able to continually improve its service. By using a spa management app design service, the manager benefits from a tool capable of generating multiple management reports, which are essential for monitoring operations. These reports are presented in statistical form to help users easily analyze and come up with suitable solutions.

Thus, we can see the need to have the Spa - Beauty management app to overall control of daily work, while providing your clients with a convenient experience and maintaining a close relationship. necessary, more durable. To own a perfect app product, do not hesitate to contact Zinpro via Hotline: 0835-299-922 today.