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Transport App Design

Car rental App

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Transport App Design

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Car rental app overview

A car rental app design service is born that allows you to find a rental car, compare offers and book a car directly ... Just download the app and perform simple operations, You can manage your rental car reservations clearly, quickly and easily on your smartphone.

Car rental app, giving you control and making all the decisions. It is a loyal traveler companion, always available and makes booking and organizing car rental easier than ever.

The most noticeable benefits:

  • Find your car easily
  • Avoid queuing up and leaving within minutes *
  • Avoid paperwork - your lease is saved on the app
  • Friendly interface, beautiful design, attracting users

The outstanding features of the car rental app

Select your media, reset, or choose an upgrade

Renting a car, motorbike ... will become easier than ever. With our app, you can filter search results by size and function, choose specific rental stations and check which stations are near you.

If you like a different brand or model on the date of your rental, you can change your selection or book an upgrade at the rental station. With the app's new functions, you can find the right vehicle for your needs for your desired travel time.

Extension of rental period

If you need to rent a vehicle for longer than originally intended, the app allows you to sign up for quick renewal. This can be done in a very short time without having to contact the rental station.

Manage reservations

Plans can change from time to time: Check, cancel or change your booking details at any time, add drivers or book additional equipment or services.

Real-time notification and procedural regulation via the app

We update you with personalized messages via the car rental app so you don't have to queue at the counter and find your car instantly ... the keys will be on the dashboard for you .

Your lease is also saved in the app and you can start your journey right away. Additionally, the receipt can be saved in the app when you return, so you can quickly pay.

See the benefits of a loyalty program

Through the car rental app, you can easily view the status, quantity and history of your car rental as well as related costs. In addition, you are also updated with membership information, loyal customers, promotions, discounts (if any).

Other utilities

Our car rental app allows users to easily book / confirm seats, cancel rental cars, make calls via apps, choose payment methods, print vouchers ...

Transport App Designing