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Education App Design

Center for Foreign Languages App

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Education App Design

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The more and more foreign language centers, especially the increasingly diverse centers: English, Japanese, Korean, German, .. are experiencing outstanding development and increasing competition. Mobile app design is one of the breakthroughs to help your language center stand out, developing a breakthrough in the middle of a forest of foreign language centers in the market. Come to Zin Pro for support in creating a professional mobile app, one-of-a-kind.

Why do language centers need to design mobile apps?

The era of technology, almost everyone is using smart smartphones and highly popular mobile applications.

To practice daily foreign language learning habits, the mobile app is an intelligent application that meets all the needs of students: when designing smart, convenient, easy to use, integrating many features, receiving notice, study online, quickly register for study.

Students can learn pronunciation, learn grammar, take tests in many different forms, do not get bored with outstanding features, smooth operations, detailed and creative programming lessons.

For a language center, mobile app application is a means of communication, enhancing the center's prestige and professionalism, creating a smart science foundation for everyone.

App mobile language center attracts students and retains students effectively, creating high-quality learning efficiency for students, not only studying in the classroom but at home anytime, anywhere, saving costs. human resources, as well as lecturers for the center.

Especially, online classroom business is also a thriving form that helps to save time and money for both students and foreign language centers.

The mobile app also helps the language center to manage students, manage content, and manage the operation of the science center. Report and control the situation quickly and develop, keep up with all trends in a timely manner.

It shows that the investment in developing the language center app brings countless benefits and high value to the foreign language center, this is the foundation for long-term and potential development.

The smart features of the language center app

The input manager receives students quickly

  • Receive student registration data to save into the repository
  • Synthesize the results of the number of trainees registered
  • Update admission results in batches
  • Arrange classes for students as required
  • Synthesize students from many sources, register online, register directly at the office

Store student information at the language center

  • Store student information and support fast search
  • Statistics on the status of students who are studying, are reserved, and diligence level.
  • Report the student's learning results
  • Assigning to the manager can monitor and track information related to students and classes such as: reservation, class division, class placement, learning capacity.

Manage teachers, lecturers, and staff easily

  • Store information, evaluate the quality of lecturers' teaching
  • Manage faculty attendance.
  • Managing the quality of lectures by lecturers.
  • Arrange classes for instructors through each course.
  • Divide and manage students according to students' qualifications and expectations.
  • Hierarchy of students with the teaching level of teachers.
  • Reward and discipline regime for trainers

Course management, classes and training

  • Arrange classes, classrooms, study time
  • Send notifications to students and instructors about classroom information
  • Store student learning results and evaluate the teaching quality of teachers at the center
  • Adjusting / transferring class of students or classes with new students

Financial management

  • Managing the students' tuition collection
  • Manage revenue and expenditure of the center
  • Export timekeeping results, payrolls for instructors

Teaching system management

  • One-to-one tutoring
  • Teaching groups Online
  • Selling courses and selling school supplies

There are also many other features and language centers may request to create intelligent features specifically for their units.

Zin Pro - a reputable mobile app design unit

Zin Pro is proud to be a reputable professional mobile app developer and creator in Vietnam. We are partners of many large corporations and corporations today. Possessing many years of experience in the mobile app design industry and a team of professionals, professionals, professional, dynamic, creative and highly responsible. Zin Pro is committed to:

Exclusive and friendly mobile app interface

Smart feature, complete, scientific presentation

Easy to use and administer

Save optimal time and cost

Quality standardized according to international standards

Zin Pro training guides from a to z.

24/7 support service, after-sales maintenance warranty

If you want to develop a language center app, come right to ZinPro to get support from our expert team and orient to develop a professional-class mobile app with absolute efficiency. Hotline 0835 299 922 is ready to support our customers wholeheartedly and attentively.

Education App Designing

15 - 30 days

15 - 30 days

15 - 30 days