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Construction Business App

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Business App Design

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Who needs a construction management app?

Construction Management App is specialized software in the field of construction, directly intended for architects, engineering firms and general contractors. In addition to the benefits of workflow, collaboration, and information sharing in co-working spaces, this software solution also provides real-time planning and completion data, including tracking. product status, start and end dates, budget and cost.

In addition, designers often do research, providing tools to organize and present data, such as building models.

App design needs of construction management

Companies operating in the construction field often have complex projects, open spaces and locations, so it is difficult to cover. Therefore, they need a reference business management software for technical and administrative management at their company.

Requiring an app with a simple interface, easy to use, but most importantly, it is fast and efficient, helping you to save valuable time in managing daily activities.

Some outstanding features when designing a construction management app

Plan management

The scheduling feature allows you to manage the implementation of your projects over time.

- Set up exact schedule for the execution of your projects by project manager

- Set up your employee's schedule and directly indicate work hours for different projects and locations

- Set up schedule of resources needed for the performance of your work locations

- Coordinate the progress of your work location

- Allocate your equipment team over time to different work locations over time

Project management

We provide you with the tools to plan a project, determine the project's profitability, and fulfill your partial or global invoicing.

In addition, it allows you to analyze your project in detail thanks to multiple lists and dashboards, to encrypt the resources used to do project accounting, to export activity and consumption reports, Manage subcontractors for bid calls, set progress reports or invoice your projects directly.

- Manage progress reports, modified formulas, bad weather schedules, claim claims, calculate deadlines

- Report activities and consumption

Consumption analysis

- Manage additional work

- Real-time monitoring of project amplitude

Managing individuals in companies / projects

Our construction management App provides all employee related information, helps you manage equipment supplies, manage your recruitment reserve and employee storage.

You can also code workers and employees' hours of operation, analyze their productivity by area of ​​activity, manage hours worked, payments, and fix costs for projects.

- Human resource registration with signage

- Manage equipment supplies

- Manage staff training track

- Encoding daily, recurring or project services

- List of services of employees

- Ability to automatically interface a social secretariat

- Analysis of services according to different criteria

In addition, depending on the characteristics of customers' activities, we can design custom construction management apps, integrate features such as fee management, purchase - payment, and accounting management , advertising ... to maximum support for the operation of your business.

ZinPro provides a construction management app design service to support the A - Z workflow of businesses in a professional and efficient manner. To refer to the design packages and get the most detailed support, please contact Hotline: 0835-299-922.