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CRM software


In an environment of strong pervasive technology and a flourishing e-commerce market, CRM customer management software development supports effective collection, storage and measurement of each step in the sales and marketing process. It is a very important and necessary thing for every business.

What is CRM?

CRM - Customer Relationship Management means customer relationship management. Normally, CRM will be used to refer to the strategies of companies and businesses to learn and study the needs, habits and purchasing behavior of customers. From the collected results, they can come up with business orientations and strategies to effectively and directly connect with customer groups and promote business activities.

During this research and understanding process, businesses will need the support of a software writing company to launch CRM customer management software.

The tool helps to update, monitor and store the customer-related database system. With the same customer management software functions as HRM software, you will be able to filter, conduct analysis to take the next steps in the process of resolving customer relationship problems, while improving service quality.

Functions of CRM customer management software system

A professionally designed CRM - customer management software will meet many diverse and effective features, helping businesses learn the buying habits and preferences of each specific customer group and initially influence to promote buying behavior.

Some basic features of CRM:

  • Managing data related to purchasing needs, promotion process, sales promotion;
  • Storing data about orders made, quotes,...;
  • Statistics on the work and performance of departments directly is related to business activities such as sales, marketing, consulting services, customer care,...;
  • Functions of aggregation, screening, statistics and forecasting by customer groups and distribution channels;
  • Connecting and automating other support methods such as email, call center, zalo,…
  • From the data and evaluation are collected through the CRM system, businesses will have an orientation to develop quality services, provide a better experience for customers, and can promote business activities, marketing with potential customer groups, increasing sales.

Why choose ZinPro to design CRM system?

Process of programming customer relationship management software

In order to provide the best service to customers, ZinPro has built a professional software development process according to their requirements, helping to ensure product quality and project implementation time.

Specific CRM software design process:

  • Receiving requests from customers, providing information about software design services;
  • Discussing specific requirements and signing the contract;
  • Finding out information about business activities, design ideas for websites;
  • Performing interface design, demo programming;
  • Receiving feedback from customers and making corrections;
  • Software manuals;
  • Carrying out the handover and payment of the contract.

Professional and dedicated staff

ZinPro's team has the capacity and expertise to bring quality and effective products according to the requirements of customers. Each employee takes customer satisfaction as a goal to strive for, and makes constant efforts to create websites and software that support the work of each customer.

Completed on schedule

Possessing a professional team and a methodical working process, Mona Media can ensure to follow and execute the design schedule as committed to customers. Therefore, you do not need to worry too much about the slow completion of the project, affecting other jobs or activities of the business.

Competitive price

Ensuring full standards of quality and efficiency, our design service prices remain extremely competitive. In other words, with the same amount of money, you can completely get an attractive and more effective product when choosing software design services at ZinPro.

Support and advice 24/7

If customers need to order designs or receive advice on service packages and related information, ZinPro provides you with 24/7 support and consulting services. All your inquiries will be resolved in the shortest time.

There are many CRM solutions, from online tools to complex systems for multiple locations. If you are looking for a customized solution for your business, contact ZinPro at Hotline 0835-299-922.

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