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Customer care digitization


The customer service department is at the heart of any business. Providing customer service is not easy task. But getting it done will be the key to improving customer retention and driving business growth. The formula to achieve this goal is to digitize customer service, a path many businesses are taking and at the same time becoming a big challenge for many companies.

The digital transformation of customer service

For every business, nothing is more important than having satisfied and willing customers to continue using their products and services. Just as digital transformation takes place in companies, the relationship with consumers has also changed to accommodate today's digital. For this reason, customer service increasingly goes hand-in-hand with companies' digital transformation.

Response times to troubleshooting have dramatically decreased, the level of personalization customers expect has increased, and the increasing availability of service channels are examples of how new technologies have significantly shape customer service. Meeting the expectations of any customer is a new challenge for businesses.

Digitizing to provide the best customer experience

Digitizing customer care is the first step to reach them closer, especially in the context of the epidemic forcing to work remotely. In this sense, the best customer management software can help you attract and retain them.

What advantages does digitizing your business give you in customer service?

All the information you need

New technology gives you useful information about where your business is, including access to any customer's complete history to know what they want at all times.

In this sense, it is much easier to manage customer scoring from a business perspective, being able to take full advantage of it. In addition, you can detect where the customer is in the sales cycle with the data provided by the program.

Innovation and flexibility

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) modules are a prime example of how technology has exploded in the business world, revolutionizing marketing, sales and customer service departments goods.

They are programs that focus solely on customer service. In addition, digitization allows you to integrate them into the system, connecting the customer's department with the rest of the business areas flexibly.

New communication channels

Social distancing makes physical visits limited or impossible, but it shouldn't detract from your customer service vision. On the contrary, this is an opportunity to evaluate other agile and efficient digital communication channels with which customers themselves can manage their entire purchasing process and feel more satisfied.

This way, your business can be open 24/7, a good example often seen on e-commerce platforms.

How to digitize customer care?

The first step for a business to provide a better customer experience is the right technology infrastructure. That is also why we should have a digital cloud where customer information is securely stored and available to all members of the organization who need it. Quick access to information is essential for efficient service, and the cloud is a great way to decentralize and easily access information.

Another key factor in customer retention is personalized service. Thanks to new technologies, it is much easier to have a history of all customer interactions and purchases. In a survey which was conducted by ZinPro, consumers are more likely to purchase from a company that recognizes them by their name, purchase history, and product recommendations based on their past purchases.

In addition, a successful strategy must be accompanied by omnichannel customer service. Every customer has a preferred way of communication with their service provider, so it is essential to have a strategy where they can be contacted by mail, phone, chat, mail or even meet face to face. The goal of omnichannel customer service is to give customers a choice about how they want to communicate with the brand when they want to ask a question or make a complaint

Ultimately, using digital transformation as a customer service strategy is one way to stay competitive in the global economy and delight customers who are increasingly looking for a personalized and faster experience.

The process of converting customer service numbers at ZinPro

Refer to the process below to help you maximize your satisfaction

Customer service

Designing customer service processes where automation should prevail to create engagement in a continuum to serve the customer journey. Anticipating what customers may need based on their interactions and communications with the brand.

Employee experience

Improving employee experience by adopting collaborative work models with a team philosophy. Implementing the necessary processes for a management team and optimize feedback channels so as not to have to provide different solutions in different channels causing dissatisfaction at both employee and employee level customer.

Process structure

Fostering process architecture to enable it to scale to incorporate artificial intelligence and real-time automation for efficient process management. The customer journey should not only be an internal matter of the company but should extend to different departments of the same case on a case-by-case basis and to external collaborators if their expertise are required.

Self-service solutions

Implementing self-service solutions as much as possible with tutorials, FAQs, and examples that allow customers to solve their own questions. However, for this to work fully, it is important not only the development of the resources, but also their exact location and how easy it is to find them when they are required without wasting time. 

If you are looking for strategies to digitize customer care, then ZinPro has the best technology solutions to make this transformation happen. Learning more about ZinPro services that will help you gain greater control over customer information and improve your processes for greater retention and loyalty, or contact Hotline 0835-299-922.

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