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Digital Transformation

Educational digital transformation


Leibniz has said that "Whoever owns education can change the world" can see that "education is an important factor" for the development of the world in general and a country in particular or a particular individual. Every business organization needs outstanding talents to lead. The education industry in Vietnam is developing and in order to thrive, it needs new steps and breakthroughs to reach the international level. In the countries with the best education quality in the world such as Finland, USA, Switzerland, Belgium, Singapore... all have an intelligent learning system, friendly learning environment, skillful educational orientation. The educational digital transformation application suite at ZinPro gives education centers, schools, and advanced training institutions a professional, scientific, all-inclusive educational system at their fingertips, connecting conclude, analyze, predict, develop the best - find out today!

Is digital transformation necessary in the field of education?

Education is a very important factor, it is the foundation to improve each person's knowledge. Therefore, "Investment in education is a long-term investment" and education is always the investment concern of everyone, every family and society. 

Currently, the Covid-19 pandemic affects the whole world and Vietnam is no exception; many companies have had to declare bankruptcy, stop doing business because of losses, many economic - cultural - social activities stagnate, moreover many people are unemployed. But despite the pandemic crisis, family members have always focused on developing education and improving knowledge for themselves and their children. Although in many provinces and cities, schools at all levels, colleges and universities, and educational centers have had to stop direct teaching activities. But thanks to the strong development of the 4.0 technology system combined with the nationwide network of internet, it has helped the economic, cultural, social and even educational sectors to have a transformation to overcome the pandemic - continue to develop.

Many educational institutions and schools apply online teaching during the Covid-19 epidemic and thereafter, this solution helps maintain teaching, fills the gap in the knowledge of students in the most effective way. Just sitting at home can study, no matter where you are, you just need a smartphone and an internet connection to study easily. However, the online method still has challenges in terms of technology and  ability assessment of learners is still difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to have a professional educational digital converter, so that schools/training centers can operate properly with maximum efficiency.

Especially when science and technology develops strongly, the application of smart technologies in teaching and learning will also bring many benefits to not only schools and teachers but also students and parents. They can also absorb knowledge more easily and deeply. 

Educational digital transformation brings a scientific, methodical, professional and quality education system thanks to the application of technology for the right purpose. Integrating all forms of smart and convenient activities such as application of classroom technology, application of technology in teaching methods, application of technology in management and operation of educational development.

Therefore, digital transformation of education is very necessary in the current 4.0 era. Bringing raw knowledge on textbooks, and knowledge which is hard to imagin into lectures accompanied by pictures and videos with realistic illustrations; can depict everything in sight. What's more, education digital transformation helps to manage everything at your fingertips, ensuring all important information is easily captured, analyzed, evaluated, and predicted quickly.

Digital transformation in the field of education

Digital transformation in the field of education has a clear roadmap with 2 main directions: 

Digital transformation in educational management: creating interconnected large database systems, deploying online public services, applying 4.0 technologies (AI, blockchain, data analysis, ..) to manage, operate, forecast, support decision making in the education and training industry quickly and accurately.

Digital transformation in teaching, learning, testing, assessment, scientific research: digital chemistry materials (e-textbooks, electronic lectures, e-learning lecture warehouses, multiple-choice question banks), digital libraries, virtual laboratories, deploying online training systems, building build virtual universities.

Benefits when implementing digital transformation of education:

- The educational digital transformation system automates, catches up with the trends of the times, increases prestige, professionalism, and increases development efficiency for educational centers and schools.

- Improving teaching quality of teachers / lecturers - bring diverse, profound, professional, easy to understand and grasp knowledge sources.

- Increasing the effectiveness of learners' information and knowledge acquisition.

- Announcing information, contribute ideas, interact and discuss quickly

- Storing, finding information quickly and easily

- Managing, evaluating, checking, forecasting accurately.

- Information warehouse is mobile, convenient, high-quality and diverse for best educational activities.

- Saving time, effort, maximum cost.

- Always ensuring that teaching and learning activities take place regularly, without interruption, without creating serious gaps.

ZinPro provides educational digital transformation solutions

ZinPro understands the desire to change and develop in the education industry, we constantly research and receive suggestions from leading experts. Moreover, ZinPro does not hesitate to invest time, effort and money to be able to turn abstract ideas into quality tangible technology products. We bring a set of professional, classy, ​​scientific, quality, design and change educational digital transformation solutions depending on the development needs and operational orientation of different educational centers and schools. In order to bring the best effect for the long-term development of the education industry, a one-time investment works forever. Specifically, the set of educational digital transformation solutions at ZinPro follows a professional process. 

- Rating the developer's wishes

- Assessing developer's readiness

- Reviewing the process and choosing the right technology

- Building a professional educational digital transformation

- Building a culture of objective feedback

- Commitment to digital transformation of the business

At ZinPro, there is a team of powerful, professional, experienced, enthusiastic and highly responsible experts. Make sure to make our customers absolutely satisfied with the educational digital converters that we deploy. Committed to long-term companionship with customers, bringing outstanding development efficiency. Immediately contact hotline 0835-299-922 for dedicated support.