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Digital Transformation

Financial digital transformation


In the 4.0 technology era, the convenience, intelligence, and versatility of smart technology products dominate the world. The wave of multi-sectoral digital transformation has exploded, helps the economic, education, healthcare, agricultural, and transportation sectors to change dramatically and develop prosperously. In particular, financial digital transformation is taking place on a large scale - large and small financial institutions are catching up with new development trends! 

Digital transformation in the financial industry

Finance is an economic branch related to "money": managing and coordinating cash flows, banking, investments, assets and capital. The financial industry includes financial systems (corporate finance and public finance) and financial instruments related to assets (assets) and capital (liability). In a word, finance includes public finance, corporate finance and personal finance. That tells us that in any agency, any business needs a professional, accurate and objective financial management system.

Some businesses in the specific financial industry such as investment banks, commercial banks, investment funds, financial departments, insurance companies, securities companies, online payment systems... Doing business in the financial industry brings high profits and long-term development efficiency, but besides that, there are also great risks and challenges. In which to develop strongly, ensure quality and high efficiency, financial digital transformation is really necessary.

In the 4.0 era, convenient smart technology software was born to free up human labor and time. Programing an accurate storage, management, control, and prediction system. Especially related to finance, money needs to be 100% accurate, but people working will definitely have the main error, so applying financial digital transformation to the financial industry is necessary and businesses need to apply quickly.

What are the benefits of financial digital transformation?

Financial digital transformation is the right development step for businesses and agencies today, brings countless advantages and benefits in the future, specifically:

Maximum utility

Currently, mobile applications for payment and financial transactions of banks or financial institutions have been created a lot. Bringing maximum convenience to everyone, every home just needs a smartphone or laptop and an internet connection, so they can make all payment transactions of the bank anytime, anywhere.

In addition, activities such as checking accounts, statements, transferring money, opening accounts, paying bills, loading phone cards... are all done quickly thanks to the financial number conversion applied by banks. A smart application that millions of users use, operates 24/7 without spending too much money and brings in extreme convenience for businesses.

Cost savings

Digital transformation in finance helps to save maximum costs, especially banks now will cut the cost of renting premises, hiring human resources, management costs and saving maximum time at the reach of the owner.

Especially, it also helps to save a lot of costs for service users at banks or financial companies - it helps to increase the customer experience.

Effective management

Financial digital transformation helps businesses manage their detailed financial situation accurately and efficiently., avoid financial loss or incorrect spending or cash flow entry and exit. Financial management is extremely complicated and cannot be managed by paper, but it is necessary to have a professional, scientific financial management system and manage according to a methodical and consistent process. 

Therefore, financial digital transformation is very necessary for agencies and businesses operating in the financial industry and other large corporations.

High accuracy

Activities related to financial transactions, calculations, and transaction processing need to ensure absolute accuracy and speed. Therefore, it is necessary to have a control management system / software / application to ensure high accuracy. Especially for banks, accuracy is extremely important, so digital transformation in the banking industry has been applied very early and is being developed strongly. 

High security

Financial security system is extremely necessary because it is related to customer information. Therefore, apply financial digital transformation by building protection layers to ensure maximum security.

ZinPro provides a professional, high-quality, high-quality financial digital transformation solution that brings high efficiency to agencies and businesses in the financial industry today. Especially banks, investment funds, online payment units, financial systems definitely need a system to store, manage, control, predict, report with absolute accuracy and save maximum costs; more than 100% security, then come to ZinPro. Our team of leading experts will turn ideas into practical solutions, please contact hotline 0835 299 922 for detailed service advice.