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Travel App Design

Homestay App

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Travel App Design

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Zin Pro is a professional, reputable mobile app design unit today. Keeping up with the trend of 4.0 to the throne, with ever-growing technology applications, we are constantly innovating to develop smart technology applications. App Homestay is one of the applications that tourists are most interested in today. If you are in a homestay business, you cannot ignore the opportunity to develop, dominate the market as well as attract customers through the design of a homestay app.

The benefits of designing a homestay app

Whether you are running a few homestay or a chain of homestay systems, you should not ignore the development when choosing a homestay app design, as this brings many benefits.

Tourism is developing more and more, in each tourist area there are hundreds of hotels, motels, homestays, not to mention high-end resorts, .. so how can you compete for your homestay business? Not being damp, it is the design of the homestay app that provides an exclusive channel, sustainable development, classy luxury, and attracts customers.

Firstly positioning the brand, customers will realize the professionalism, scientific method, the development of your company.

Secondly, giving customers a great experience, customers can easily choose rooms, view rooms, make reservations, check in, check out, change rooms, make payment, ... easy facilities.

Third, improving competition with competitors operating in the area, when designing mobile apps has given you more opportunities to develop and reach more coverage than other competitors.

Fourth, attracting potential customers easily through the introduction of homestay services, homestay images and utilities, here, easily convincing customers, ensuring you will attract customers and retain customers for long-term support

Fifth, managing homestay is easy when the mobile app has integrated management, control, reporting by day by week by month by year, absolutely and quickly.

Sixth, help you save the cost of hiring a lot of control and help you to make procedures faster for passengers.

Features of the homestay app

  • Customers log in / sign up easily
  • Room search feature by price range, view, function of use, number of users, ..
  • Room information via photos, videos, detailed description
  • Room condition
  • Constantly updating the promotion program
  • Quick online payment by: visa, momo, ...
  • Contact online support
  • Post daily news updates
  • System management and control functions from a to z

Professional homestay app design service with reasonable cost

Zin Pro is the top quality mobile app design company today.

The homestay app design service at Zin Pro is professionally classy, ​​with many different service packages that bring reasonable costs suitable for all individuals and businesses.

At Zin Pro, a team of powerful, experienced, responsible, talented, creative professionals who are always enthusiastic and dedicated to their work is gathered at Zin Pro.

Commitment to creating a classy App Mobile for all customers, with exclusive design interface, strict international standards, smart utility features suitable for the business.

We provide innovative solutions to help businesses conduct business more efficiently.

Mobile app design service at Zin Pro:

Ensure absolute progress to complete the project

Programming on request, diverse in features

Careful, caring support from a to z

After-sales warranty, answer all questions 24/7

Technology is constantly updating and innovating

Do you want to develop a mobile app for your business, especially designing a homestay app is one of the strong development steps to promote business, increase market share and attract customers. Please contact hotline 0835 299 922 for expert team at Zin Pro to advise and support details.

Travel App Designing

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