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HRM software


Managing employee leave, absence, and payroll processing still takes a lot of time. And though these administrative activities have long since ceased to be your primary focus. Because HR is shifting. Topics such as job quality and HR strategic planning are prioritized. Therefore, it would be better if you were helped by HRM so that you can completely focus on that.

What is HRM - human resource management software?

HR software is one of the most important tools for managing human resources in an organization. The system is characterized by the inclusion of very specific functions for those responsible for the human resources (HR) department. If you think it is mainly to pay employees and manage wages, you are wrong. There are many other tools that make HRM software a very valuable tool for a company.

In general, human resource management software or human resource management ERP software is used in companies that have a human resources department or person in charge of planning and operating human resource management. Among the functions of this department can be seen the care of personnel, registration of leave, leave and working hours, payroll and salary management, assignment of leave and other direct inquiries of the employee. In addition, they may also undertake various selection processes for recruitment, employee performance evaluation or promotion planning.

However, not all human resources software programs include the tools to address all of these functions. That's why businesses should choose a custom software design company to optimize with their practice.

Human resource management software classes

These are the three main classes that most HR platforms include according to their function, going from the most basic to the most complex:

  • HRIS: Human Resource Information System

This type of software is usually the most basic and contains databases of recruitment, benefits, attendance records, qualifications, to mention a few features.

  • HCM: Human resource management

In addition to the functions of HRIS, this type of software allows for broader management, such as staffing in other countries, salary planning and salary increase, employee integration and promotion, in number of others.

  • HRMS: Human Resource Management System

In addition to the aforementioned HRIS and HCM characteristics, HRMS enables their  payroll preparation, talent employee management, working time of employee spent, and training or development.

For SMEs, these types of resources are often found in the cloud in the form of E-HRM (Electronic Human Resource Management), as they often offer cheaper, more specific functions and even for detailed economic sectors.

Why invest in human resource management software?

With HR software development, you will achieve:

  • Reducing costs: Saving costs compared to outdated HR processes.
  • Optimizing Time: With these technological tools, the time of each HR can be cut in half.
  • Increasing productivity: With the automation of basic tasks, administrative work can give way to strategic work.
  • Improve your employer's brand: Brand image as an employer can improve, turning your collaborators into your brand ambassadors when they're happy.
  • Accurate evaluation and recognition: Subjectivity in the evaluation processes is reduced, ensuring that the best employees receive the rewards they deserve, and the underperforming ones need a process of improvement.

Undoubtedly, the benefits of implementing these programs are for the Human Resources Department and should not be viewed as an unreasonable expense, as they can significantly improve the overall performance of the company.

If you are convinced by this usefulness, ZinPro can advise you on what is really needed for your business software through customized solutions.

Choosing ZinPro's HRM software development service, you will re-capture your human resource processes and optimize human resource management. The right HR software for your business will help you motivate your employees by ensuring their growth and productivity. Contact Hotline 0835-299-922 for advice and start your project today.

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