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IOT system


For businesses to be resilient and agile during these complex times, forward-looking strategies and data-driven decision-making are required. ZinPro helps businesses develop connected processes, products, and infrastructure through comprehensive IoT solutions. These solutions improve business transparency, quality, operational efficiency, end-user experience, and reduce operating costs.

What is Internet Of Thing?

IoT, which stands for Internet of Things, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines or people, and the ability to transmit data over a network without requiring human-computer interaction.

In short, IoT is a collection of objects connected to the Internet to transmit data online. It is also used to analyze everyday objects, vehicle systems, appliances and mobile devices, or to optimize installations or monitor the environment.

What is the Internet of Things for?

The goal of IoT is to collect actionable data derived from various physical components from the analyzer and functional control engine. Enterprises can perform real-time diagnostics, output results, adjust results, perform real-time diagnostics, perform optimized customer checks, and perform more detailed diagnostic operations.

How can the Internet of Things be used?

Fitness apps, smart home accessories, telemedicine accessories, and home energy control systems are examples of employee-level use of IoT. Companies are leveraging IoT technology in domes such as intelligent control of manufacturing processes, equipment monitoring for fault diagnosis and end of life, and optimization of transportation logistics.

Key areas are benefited from IoT applications

Consumption Application Wearable technology, smart home technology, connected vehicles, health and fitness apps, smart home appliances.
Production area Intelligent control of production processes and systems, plant optimization, health and safety management.
Medicals Remote health monitoring, emergency alert system, smart devices such as hearing aids and portable heart monitors, smart bed management.
Agriculture Monitoring crops and livestock with applications, environmental sensors collect information about arable land to optimize productivity.
Environmental protection Monitoring pollution levels, wildlife habitat, soil health; early warning sensor in case of earthquake.
Infrastructure management Monitoring bridges, traffic, wind farms and tracks for safety and repair needs.
Energy Remotely controling the indoor heating system and connect the indoor energy consumption monitor to the Smart Grid to balance the consumption.


What is the impact of IoT on your business?

Until recently, customer relationships were based on face-to-face contact or over the phone. The long and indirect chain of communication between the manufacturer and the customer includes store staff, sales representatives, and the repair and complaint department. 

IoT has revolutionized all of this. Customer information like:

  • Where and how they use the products they buy
  • What they use them with
  • Is the product working properly?
  • Able to be sent automatically to your CRM platform, in real time!

In a nutshell, IoT helps you better understand your customers through details that you might not have discovered before.

Benefits of IoT for businesses

The Internet of Things in Vietnam is still in its infancy and businesses are still looking for applications that can improve their systems and processes. However, the advantages can be mentioned as: 

  • Improving productivity through process automation
  • Reducing waste through smarter inventory control
  • Less time wasted due to equipment failure
  • Savings and ecological benefits through reduced energy consumption
  • More efficient production with real-time diagnosis
  • Improving service levels and customer experience by anticipating problems and responding proactively
  • Better profit
  • Making more informed strategic decisions
  • IoT can help businesses extract insights from big data, which is often difficult to manage without the right automated processes.

Using IoT, businesses can collect and analyze customer information in real time, without human intervention to collect and enter it, and with no limit on the amount of data this caused. This means that marketing strategies and product design can benefit from more real and accurate data.

As such, IoT in itself represents a huge business opportunity. With its myriad benefits, IoT is a game changer for consumers and businesses. Contact ZinPro via Hotline 0835-299-922 for advice on IoT system solutions suitable for your business.

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