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Digital Transformation

Medical digital transformation


Each hospital aims to optimize total cost of ownership. Healthcare professionals, who have accustomed to dealing with various hazards in their profession, must use innovative technologies to face the competition. Our suite of medical digital transformation solutions relies on technologies such as preventive, predictive, and order analytics to provide useful insights. We want to help your organization improve and maintain results in a secure way.

Digital transformation in the medical field

With the rise of digital technology and the internet, digital transformation has become advanced for almost every field of activity. Medical digital transformation has a roadmap "Speeding up digital transformation in healthcare" with 5 main orientations: 

  • Strengthening digital governance in healthcare;
  • Enhancing the security and interoperability of health information systems;
  • Speeding up the deployment of digital basic services ;
  • Deploying digital health platforms at the national level; 
  • Supporting innovation and promoting stakeholder engagement.

ZinPro provides medical digital transformation solutions

ZinPro solutions digitize workflow, including equipment, tools, service delivery, and day-to-day operations. We continuously monitor the data we collect from our sensors and device management systems. This data is used to perform preventive, predictive, and prescribing analytics to optimize healthcare operations, services, and delivery. This device performance management plays an important role in our digital strategy.

The device performance management ecosystem gives managers, department heads, and their teams instant access to data and analytics tools to optimize, maintain, locate, and analyze equipment their equipment and related operations.It allows you to make the right decision, at the right time, and to be proactive.

Asset performance management solution

Building on its asset tracking experience, ZinPro continues to innovate with the next generation of Real-Time Tracking System, providing location data as a service to increase asset utilization, reduce costs hiring costs and improve employee productivity. By making it possible to quickly find the equipment you need, this system has a direct impact on patient satisfaction.

Predicting - Managing device performance

This solution makes it possible to analyze machine data and remotely predict events that could lead to disruptions.

It can diagnose and fix problems remotely, or proactively schedule on-site maintenance intervention with a technician.

It uses proactive algorithms and proprietary infrastructure that reduce unplanned downtime.

Active monitoring

Thanks to advanced technology, it remotely monitors various parameters of your imaging system and sends alerts to online service technicians about potential failures or the need for corrective action. The ability to predict potential problems can help speed up troubleshooting and the time it takes to start and complete system repairs.

  • Remote support and monitoring technology optimizes medical device performance.
  • Analyzing the important elements of the subsystem.
  • Proactively sending diagnostics to remote service technicians for analysis
  • Sending an alert to organize troubleshooting or part replacement
  • Identifying preventive maintenance needs based on history and use of visual systems
  • Visual System Monitors can significantly reduce the impact of unplanned downtime on your organization's workflow. Turning unplanned downtime into planned maintenance events to improve employee and patient satisfaction.

Online support for any medical device intervention requests to meet the growing demand for services

Your clinical engineering technicians are under increasing pressure to maintain more and more medical equipment and new technology. ZinPro helps you build an online database of specialized medical device service solutions to help your employees troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair devices of a variety of modalities. Now you can quickly find parts, medical device manuals, error code fixes, maintenance checklists and more.

ZinPro's solution database is a quick source of support and answers to questions about multimodal maintenance.

  • Medical device maintenance to optimize device performance, reliability, and productivity
  • Accessing information online at any time with an Internet connection
  • Choosing from specialized maintenance solutions for CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound systems, and more.
  • Filtering your searches to get quick answers to specific questions
  • Getting solutions for troubleshooting, repair and spare parts
  • Refering to the database that is regularly updated as technology and equipment evolve

Clinical performance management solutions

Clinical performance management solutions use data from your device to help improve clinical system performance and capacity, increase exam efficiency, manage protocols, and optimize dosages. Through analytics, we optimize clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

Clinical network and network security

50% of all cyberattacks happen in the healthcare industry
Connected medical devices and unprotected access points can expose the entire network to attack.

ZinPro provides security solutions, including infrastructure design and assessment, risk removal, and critical area monitoring to ensure ongoing protection. Our secure products and services help mitigate threats by enabling secure sharing of connected data to improve patient care and satisfaction, while protecting integrity of the data.

As the healthcare environment expands beyond the hospital, healthcare systems are looking for new ways to manage data flows while solving IT resource-related challenges and budget. Immediately contact ZinPro via Hotline 0835-299-922 for advice on medical digital transformation solutions.