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Business App Design

Of Business Booking Air Tickets App

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Business App Design

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Why need an app to manage flight tickets

Human mobility needs of people today have many changes. The number of customers searching and booking tickets for travel, business ... is increasing. This is an opportunity for the airline ticket business to thrive.

However, to reach and attract the right potential customers you will need an effective marketing method. One of the most economical and effective ways is to use a professional airline ticketing management app for your business.

This application will regularly update information regarding flights, fares can be easily adjusted from time to time. Your business can create golden hour promotions, shock discounts ... and most importantly, manage overall data to run your business, build specific customer outreach options. for each target group.

Advantages of having an application to manage ticket sales

One of the most visible benefits is an online booking feature that allows operators to sell their tickets online: airline tickets to travel agencies, their partners or directly to consumers. .

You will be assisted with the functions needed for commercial management (orders, documents, passenger list) of any type of flight (single or combo) and accounting management (billing). application, payment, credit notes)

For consumers, they can learn about the availability of flights, book flights in real time, within the limit of available seats, track bookings ... and update deals. from business.

The outstanding features of an airline ticketing management app

Depending on the requirements of each business, our design experts can plan in detail and build specific modules that directly serve your business.

Here are the main features that an airline ticketing management app should have:

  • Manage single flights (Roundtrip), combo flights
  • Optimized sales price, easy to update, adjust
  • Dealer management: multiple accounts for one agent, commission, credit line
  • Manage reservations: amendment to cancel
  • Customer accounts: reservations, orders, documents, invoices
  • Manage flight status and prices in real time
  • Managing passengers
  • Safe payment: for sale to the public: optional
  • Sales statistics

Some additional incentives when choosing ZinPro

  • User training
  • Ensure stable and fast operation on different platforms (smartphones, tablets)
  • Quickly and promptly maintain and solve technical problems
  • Access security and backup data
  • Software updates
  • Connect with other software on the web to optimize the management and advertising of the business

Customers wishing to design an application for selling air tickets on request, please contact Zinpro at Hotline: 0835-299-922 for advice on suitable design packages, agree on ideas, plan development. declare and receive products in the fastest time.

Business App Designing

15 - 30 days

15 - 30 days