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Education App Design

Online Course App

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Education App Design

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Online learning is a popular form of learning today, helping to save time as well as optimize costs. The form of online learning is increasingly upgraded and developed, bringing convenience and efficiency to students as well as the course publishing center. Online course app design is also a growing trend of educational centers and Zin Pro is proud to be the developer and creator of smart mobile apps for many famous centers across the country. This is a method of developing, brand positioning, attracting and retaining potential students who connect online learning with a sustainable education center.

Online learning trend in technology age 4.0

The growth of the internet has been spread all over the place. Most of business activities, communication, entertainment, work and study, ... need to use the internet. Equivalent to other forms of working online, online chat and entertainment online also thrive. Especially online learning is also a new trend today.

Do you know? Not only private education centers but also public schools across the country from primary to tertiary education also develop online forms of learning. This change has certain advantages and disadvantages, but it also brings outstanding benefits and is enthusiastically welcomed by students and parents.

It shows that the trend of online learning will grow even stronger in the near future, this is a very suitable way of learning in the era of technology 4.0 when everyone is busy, busy and does not have time to foster learning. add knowledge and do not need to depend on many other requirements to be learned. Meet the needs of learning at home or studying anywhere, learning at any time is easy. Training centers, educational centers cannot ignore this development opportunity, this is a potential market for growth.

Smart Features of Online Course App

Search for a course

Depending on the education level of each person, the list of courses will be streamlined and scientifically accessible to students. In particular, the video is designed according to the correct learning route, easy to understand and receptive.

Find out detailed course information.

Users can find out all information about the course including the knowledge, topics in the field of study, course materials, course costs and information about the instructors of the course, time of study, process. how to learn,...

Documentation related to the course.

Here store resources related to various online courses for each different topic, full of knowledge content to capacity tests from time to time.

Learning system by document and video

The application has all the lesson content distributed in the form of documents and videos, allowing students to access the lessons with many different methods and easy to absorb.

Register for a course and pay quickly

Just a few simple steps, users can log in to the system and choose a quick payment combination course.

Online course management

This is an intelligent feature that helps the application publishing center to control the number of students currently attending, the number of course registration, the learning status of the students, ... through which the center can support. support and encourage better students' morale in the learning process.

Text online and send support requests

This feature helps students as well as the application publishing center to contact, connect directly with quickly, help answer all questions throughout the course of learning and online learning.

Some other features

App mobile online courses have many different features, in addition to the above features, some other outstanding features that cannot be ignored such as blogs, exchange forums, livestreams, ... features serving online courses is also a foundation for cultivating knowledge, learning together to develop of students.

App Design Online Course How Is Suitable?

Designing online course apps is different from other mobile apps because online courses need to integrate more features than conventional applications, but also need a scientific and reasonable design. Let's take a look at some tips when designing an online course app.

  • Should design online course app in an elegant, polite style to suit the education industry.
  • User-friendly interface, no ads installed to avoid annoying course experience
  • Smart mobile app design, scientific layout, convenient configuration, professional image, diverse lectures create attractive, together with highly qualified instructors.
  • There are more forum tools, realtime chat, blog to help students share and exchange lessons as well as learning experiences. It is this daily interaction that will motivate students to try and create team learning habits, development interaction.
  • Supports cross-platform applications, providing a smooth, easy-to-use experience.

Zin Pro - unit specializing in designing online course app

Zin Pro is today's world-class professional mobile application developer. With many years of experience in the mobile app design industry, especially the online course app we created and developed for many famous education centers in Vietnam.

 Zin Pro is committed to:

Ensure absolute project completion progress

Design programming on request, diverse features

Bring a beautiful interface, scientific configuration, convenient features

Giving you many options at a reasonable cost

Careful, caring support from a to z

After-sales warranty, answer all questions 24/7

Technology is constantly updating and innovating

In particular, the reasonable cost goes hand in hand with top quality.

Education centers that want to develop online course apps come to Zin Pro for specific advice and receive many attractive incentives. Contact hotline 0835 299 922 for more information.

Education App Designing

15 - 30 days

15 - 30 days