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Cuisine App Design

Ordering takeout App

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Cuisine App Design

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Introducing Zinpro's order-to-order app

App ordering, ordering simple takeout with your smartphone. Give your guests an app to order products from the menu card at any time. Food and beverages are automatically transferred to your checkout system and booked in advance. In addition, the current meal menu, special requests from your guests and service times are also taken into account.

Popular features of the ordering app, takeout order

Unlimited digital menus

Display your food menus in different categories with combo or configurable meal display options. The application has the feature of ordering food for delivery or to take away from restaurants and eateries.


The à la carte booking app features a reservation feature for a specific date and time with the ability to pre-select food for the previous reservation.

Options for ordering, delivering and receiving food

Your customers can easily order through mobile apps built on iOS and Android platforms and pay right on the app.

Benefits of using the order / takeout app

Manage business operations more effectively

Evaluate the most important key metrics about sales, capacity, desk, staff ...

Web-based access for tablets and PCs

IOS and Android apps for smartphones

Extensive review, time comparison and date filters

More convenient and professional

Pre-order with smartphone or PC

Mobile payment & tip function with credit card, PayPal, instant transfer
Digital and financial invoicing by emailing guests

Make more sales through multilingual menu cards

Reduced staff at peak times

App design service to order / order takeaway food

By partnering with ZinPro, you will benefit from our many years of experience design professionals in the niche fields of mobile and web application development projects.

Our team of experts have the creative skills to define each project with their passion and expertise so that each project product reaches an impressive level of quality. They own powerful skills development services for mobile apps, web development services, iOS and Android app development services.

Customers wishing to design app to order / order takeaway food as required, please contact Hotline: 0835-299-922 for more detailed advice on packages.

Cuisine App Designing

15 - 30 days