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Business App Design

Real Estate Business App

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Business App Design

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App design services for real estate management

ZinPro provides real estate management software to facilitate the daily work of real estate administrators. The real estate market is changing rapidly, players are making change in the digital world and are working to leverage data to steer their organizations towards future prospects, source of value. incremental and metric business creation.

Unique applications designed to adapt to real estate management issues, including trustee operations, management, accounting, rental transactions and integrating all aspects of operations. Manage your business assets in a cohesive, dynamic and collaborative environment.

Optimize your organization with the real estate management app

Using a real estate management application will allow you to improve your internal organization.First of all, you will be able to categorize and store your information more efficiently. The data relating to your co-owners, tenants, and owners will be stored in your database, and you can launch queries using the software for easy access, no longer required. worry about managing records, papers ...

We can design mobile apps specifically for property managers or rental managers, creating real-time harmonization processes with exact deadlines.

The outstanding features of the real estate management application

Real estate application design helps you to manage business information in a holistic way, including agents, branches, partners.

Document management and commercial support
Create and edit prospectus and window cards, compose and print administrative documents ...
Real estate advertising management and distribution
Ability to automatically update information related to your project, advertise, announce new project ...
Manage search for potential customers
Manage your customer data with a powerful CRM: CRM is one of the most exciting real estate software tools: it gives you the chance to make the best use of your data from sellers and buyers. , owners, tenants, investors ...; and to keep your leads in sight, have the basis to come up with concrete options to increase conversions.
These are the most common features of a real estate management app but not the only ones you can find. Depending on the specifics and requirements of our customers, we can plan and design in detail, ensuring your application is unique, keeping track of your business.

ZinPro specializes in designing mobile apps. After many collaborative projects with businesses in the real estate sector, we are confident to bring you the best real estate management app design solution with a reasonable budget. us through Hotline: 0835-299-922 for more advice.