Sales App Design

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The advancement of technology presents business with both opportunities and challenges. When customers change shopping habits, businesses or store owners also need a change in marketing and customer care strategies. Our sales / e-commerce App will help you increase your conversion rate, maximize your business efficiency.

Introducing sales / e-commerce applications

Our sales app is developed to support 3 key roles in the sales process, including salespeople, shipper, and customer.

  • Salesperson: view key customer account information, view the organization's real-time inventory status and confirm orders on the go, and support online and offline sales.

  • Driver: assist drivers to see the route, the customers they need to serve, confirm the order and receive the delivery note, automatically update the receipt in the system.

  • Customers: Customers can update promotional information, news ..., order from complete product catalog or favorites, view and download invoices, send complaints or directly contact the business. by email or phone.

The app development team at ZinPro knows how to make the most of mobile technology, committed to creating innovative mobile applications that will drive your business to thrive.

Benefits when using the sales app

Customers today tend to use mobile devices more than computers. This opens the door for businesses or startups to grow. It is also how mobile applications become an indispensable part of modern life.

Here are the specific benefits of using ZinPro's e-commerce / sales app:

  • Easy to use

  • Private company brand

  • Increased reliability with customers

  • Easy to integrate

  • Risk reduction

  • Communicate information consistently with customers

  • Increase inventory accuracy

  • Sustainability - no paperwork required

  • Suitable for iOS and Android systems

  • Rich features

  • Save time and money

  • Provide quick response time to your customers

  • Fast liquidity

  • Multi-language support

The greater the importance of mobile sales applications, almost unlimited. All useful website features can be ported to your mobile device, for example your company website, store or other organization. Customers can access the service anytime, anywhere.

If you need to design your own sales / e-commerce app to serve your business, contact us via Hotline: 0835-299-922 for advice on the most suitable packages. ZinPro's team of talented professionals is committed to bringing you a quality product.

Sales App Design

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    The best features that ZINPRO
    Bring Your Business Doanh

    We make a difference by focusing on fulfilling tasks that are highly applicable, practical and specialized. All of our research and technology development are focused on the field of Sales and E-Commerce.


    Optimized application size for quick application installation and less deletion.


    All information about bonus points, member promotions and history


    Statistics list of rewards, customers receive rewards


    Report customer-related figures and offers according to criteria.


    The only platform to synchronously deploy the system on the application and website


    Allows customers to make product / service purchases


    Allows customers to make an assessment of the quality of products and services


    Content management that businesses want to communicate