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Sales App Design

Sales Mini Supermarket App

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Sales App Design

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App sales - software solution for retail units

Designing sales / retail trade apps in mini supermarkets, grocery stores, helping to manage classification, calculate orders, manage inventory, flexibly configure pricing rules, proceed warehouse operations, plan and ship your own finished products, track sales, work with suppliers.

Sales system: get real-time information on sales revenue, cost of goods as well as indicators of profit and profit margins sold in real time.

Manage storage shelf space

Optimize shelf space, develop text characters, model halls and layouts, analyze retail space usage, arrange goods, add new products, adjust prices, status product…

Manage loyal customers

Loyalty platform is a powerful marketing tool for attracting customers, collecting and analyzing customer data and launching promotions. This is gathered based on search behavior, purchase history ...

Manage inventory, sales

Mini supermarket sales app allows you to statistic and control goods at each store to adjust to the actual fluctuation of customer demand. You will not need to record, report daily to inventory sales, sales revenue ..

For customers, shopping is also much simpler. They can visit the stores, search for products by category, consult reviews, add to cart, make convenient payment, choose Choose the form of delivery ... and give reviews and feedback on the quality of your product or service.

Advantages of minimarket sales application design services

The Sales App allows you to track the main processes of a retail store and create a portrait of the store's work, thereby helping you quickly react to any market fluctuations.

Classification management

Designate a category manager. Manage your categories with a separate product catalog directory. Create and analyze classification matrices. Create item statuses, assign and control planned and actual sorting depths, set unlimited number of price ranges and link them to product categories.

Price management

Establish rules for calculating retail prices and pricing for merchandise, maintaining supplier specifications, and controlling shipping prices. Customize, track and analyze competitors' prices.

Optimize inventory, attract customers

Design a scientific, beautiful interface, focus on investment in product images to attract customers, optimize advertising space. You can update promotions, discounts, gifts to attract consumers.

Interaction analysis

Our sales app helps you easily analyze data related to sales by point of sale / product group ... Besides, you can also collect and analyze customer information, increase interactivity. through forms of online chat, feedback, product reviews to increase interaction with customers, provide more timely customer care services.
Designing a mini supermarket sales app is an essential job for retailers to increase competitiveness, improve revenue in a professional, modern and effective form than traditional marketing. . Customers interested in our services, please contact Hotline: 0835-299-922 for more detailed advice.

Sales App Designing

15 - 30 days

15 - 30 days