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Sales App Design

Sales of Electrical Appliances App

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Sales App Design

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Demand for designing electronics supermarket sales application

With newly opened electronics stores, supermarkets or large systems including many different points of sale, managing sales activities, building Marketing activities is not easy.

Besides, issues such as goods management, balance of revenues - expenditures or warranty services, complaint settlement also cause you a headache.

Hiring human resources to manage each beginning of the job costs you a lot of money, but sometimes mistakes and losses still happen. In addition, the buying habits of consumers have also changed, forcing you to invest in forms of marketing, reaching new customers.

Hiring design sales app design services is the choice of many businesses today. This is also considered a modern business trend that has brought success in developed countries around the world.

Benefits of having a separate electronics sales app

Sales App is considered a cheap marketing form, helping your store to create trust and professionalism to score points in the eyes of customers compared to competitors.

Most importantly, it will handle the "mountain" of cumbersome work every day.

Manage sales process

Electronic sales app capable of handling all stages of the sales process such as ordering, moderating, invoicing, integrating forms of payment, order status, quantity of goods, status guarantee…

If you have a chain of stores, the application will also update and synchronize data for you to manage all the business situation at the stores.

Your store can easily add new products, update, edit prices, create promotions, customer gratitude events. By focusing on images and online support and consulting services, your marketing campaign will be more effective.

Reach target customers

Through collecting customer information, your store can reach a potential audience for advertising (name, age, phone number, email ..)

In addition, statistics through the sales application help you confirm loyal customers, upgrade membership cards ... This is also a form of maintaining interaction, increasing conversion rates.

After-sales service support

The problem of after-sales warranty is the feature of electronics stores. With the huge quantity of goods, the procedures for handling papers and books to determine the warranty are often time and effortless.

But if you have a dedicated electronics sales app, you won't have to worry about that. The software system will check, approve and confirm on your behalf to ensure the most accurate and transparent warranty service.

Application design service to sell electronics at ZinPro

Zinpro has implemented various projects, large and small, for both wholesalers and retailers. Why we have the trust of our customers.

Here are 3 main reasons for you to choose ZinPro's sales app design service:

The interface is friendly, attractive, modules are scientifically built to help you display your booth, price and programs effectively, easily accessible by customers.
Make sure your app is unique, build your own image, brand it
Optimal capacity, strong performance, technical support, maintenance
Cost saving, quick application receipt time
You have a store or chain of electronics supermarkets and are looking for effective software solutions to serve your sales work, please contact ZinPro via Hotline: 0835-299-922. We pride ourselves in providing professional and efficient electronics app design services.

Sales App Designing

15 - 30 days

15 - 30 days