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Education App Design

School App

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Education App Design

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Almost every level of education - training today needs a separate school app to manage, connect with students, parents as well as build professional image. However, not all units have the ability to create a mobile application on their own, so choosing a school app design service is the preferred choice.

ZinPro's school app design service

ZinPro provides educational app design services for schools, educational institutions - on-demand training. Our experts will plan the design based on their own standards to ensure that the resulting products are unique and truly reflect your school's performance and image.

In which, the basic standards include:

Conceptualizing - prototyping

Clients can state ideas or specific requirements to be achieved, our experts will frame the details and discuss with you to agree on the design.

Configure your application interface

Use your Facebook page or website to load business, branding, and color schemes into the school app design process to keep it aligned.

Customizable school app

Customize the app, add wallpapers and school icons so the app is truly your own. The app was created for compatibility and for friendly visibility across multiple devices.

Content optimization

Editing and optimizing modules and content on the application to best meet the needs of parents and students as well as the management and administration requirements of the school.

Launch the application

Our step-by-step wizard makes it easy to publish your school app, any technical issues will be handled promptly and quickly by our experts.

Features integrated for school app


This feature allows parents and students to schedule tutoring sessions, meetings, joint events, and more.

Review question

A custom quiz feature has also been added to the education-training app to provide students with review questions, homework, and quiz in a convenient way.

Push notifications

Send important reminders of events and school news straight to students and parents' home screens.

Contact form

Build registration forms that both parents and students can easily submit from their phones. This feature is great for permission forms.

Message center

Provides a safe and simple way for schools to communicate with parents and students through messaging systems.

Customizable content

Deliver study materials, important information, news, and more with a fully customizable content tab in your app.

Above is the basic information about the utilities that you will enjoy when using our school app design service. For more detailed advice on each design package, please contact via Hotline: 0835-299-922, we will support wholeheartedly.

Education App Designing

15 - 30 days

15 - 30 days