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Transport App Design

Shipping delivery App

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Transport App Design

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The time the driver organizes the cruise has a direct influence on the delivery time and determines the customer satisfaction and rating for your unit. So, how to optimize this process? The Smart Delivery App will assist drivers and shop owners with route planning and automatic driver management, GPS tracking, navigation to help reduce idle time during delivery.

Advantages of app design services delivered at Zinpro

Our design specialists help you manage optimal delivery control through an automated layout delivery application.

When using our service, customers will feel satisfaction for the following reasons:

Ease of use - attractive

Thanks to the intuitive user interface, your employees with virtually no training are able to use them flexibly. The dashboard clearly shows the most important information at a glance. The screen displays useful information for the driver.

Plan your route - reduce delivery times

The automatically assigned trip schedule for the driver is displayed with all relevant information. With a few clicks, your employees can begin navigating to customers. Accurate tracking makes it possible to track delivery times and optimize them.

Shorten the process

Shorter execution process through automatic driver assignment. The delivery app features driver management to notify the store as soon as a driver is nearby and start producing the next order.

The driver arrives at the store, takes the next shipment and starts over - less waiting time, more precise route planning, and more efficient staff deployment.

Utilities for your employees

Simple registration and start via QR code

The driver logs in to the driver's station and conveniently scans the QR code in the app - and deliveries can begin. You have an overview of all the in-application media and the driver terminal.

Payment - overview of cash at the fund

The driver has an overview of the income he has in real time. This saves on unexpected surprises at the end of the shift.

Some benefits when designing on-demand delivery apps

When planning and implementing a delivery app design for each different customer, we will build all the modules, coordinate them perfectly, and help you harness more of the power of our products. my company.

Other utilities can be integrated into the delivery app such as: call making, online chat, digital cash register, online store, human resource management and inventory management ...

We provide alternatives to receipts and seamlessly integrate into all modules of the system. When dealing with location and customer data, all of our software modules are subject to certain standards.

With the aforementioned features, the delivery app is the perfect tool for all modern delivery services that want to track their drivers and provide them with useful information. Customers wishing to design apps on request, please contact ZinPro at Hotline: 0835-299-922.

Transport App Designing

15 - 30 days