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Solution Consultancy

Stock exchange solution consultancy


Today, the fundamentals of investing and trading are changing faster than ever. Stock trading platforms are rapidly moving to the digital world. Investing through smart mobile apps is becoming more popular. If you are looking at how these systems work and generate income for your business as well as how much it costs to create a stock trading application, you can refer the stock exchange solution consulting service by ZinPro.

What is a stock trading application and how to make money from a stock application

A stock exchange application is an online system (web, mobile or both) designed to facilitate buying and selling on trading platforms, manage and update investment portfolios and selecting strategies more easily. Automated trading system allows users to control everything in the whole time and is suitable for long term investments or short term trading.

Usually, all trading applications have the same operating scenario.

  • Registering in the app and linking the bank account;
  • Setting up a one-time transfer or a recurring deposit;
  • Buying the stock when it and its current trade appear on the screen;
  • Selling ​​shares (this option works almost like buying).

The main monetization strategy is commissions. The system calculates interest on user deposits, trades and stock trades. This strategy can be combined with the freemium method. Essential product features are freely available to all users, but additional features are available for a fee.

Other sources of income are: 

  • Revenue directs orders to execute transactions;
  • In-app advertising; or
  • Paid admission to technology tools, such as application programming interfaces (APIs).

Main features of stock trading application

You can choose a custom stock app design service to optimize your business. In most cases, stock apps usually include below features:

  • A personal account where user can edit and update settings and profile data, track transactions and monitor all quotes in real time;
  • Stock trading tools to execute orders, monitor market positions and display real-time data;
  • Asset management tools that trade stocks and other investment vehicles; deposit with the ability to check status in real time;
  • Analytical tools that help users observe trading results and robot advisors that simplify portfolio creation, trading and investing;
  • Announcements and news feeds help keep investors informed about exchange rates, initial public offerings (IPOs) and other details.

How to build a stock trading application

At ZinPro, for each project, we will have different approaches and implementation options, but they also follow a basic framework. This process includes:

  • Exploring and researching
  • Building methods and tools
  • UI/UX Design
  • Development process
  • Testing, distribution, maintenance

In most cases, with the exception of fintech applications, ZinPro's development team will support your project, including designers, UI/UX, frontend and backend developers, quality assurance (QA) and DevOps engineers, project manager (PM).

Cost to build a stock trading application

How much does it cost to build a stock trading app? That's a question you're sure to ask. The price will depend on the time it takes the development team in order to create a complete application. In addition, it will depend on these costs determined by complex solutions, feature sets, and additional factors, such as payment gateways, cloud services, etc,...

In addition, the choice of development platform Android, IOS or both, original application or hybrid application... also affects the price of the general app.

Why should you choose a stock exchange solution consulting service?

We were tasked with developing a fintech solution that simplifies investing for clients of varying levels of trading experience. There is a need to improve platform functionality, integrate with EML as a payment provider, ensure PCI compliance, and make investment flow control transparent.

We can help:

  • App users can easily add funds to Cache account, set up portfolio, adjust/change options and withdraw investments;
  • The functionality of the platform has been improved by savings accounts that generate an attractive return on investment in real time;
  • PCI compliance has been successfully implemented we keep banking data only on certain services, use internal payment gateway service for transactions and work with card identification and card numbers partial encryption;
  • All cash flows in credit/debit cards, investments, and cashback tracks are transparent, and integration with EML is maintained correctly.

Turn your idea into a successful stock app, and you will have a good chance of becoming a leader in the investment app market. At ZinPro, we offer the widest range of technologies and tools, incorporating them into custom stock exchange solutions that are perfect for customers. Using all the cutting-edge fintech developments, we create digital products that take your business to the next level fundamentally. Hotline for consultation 0835-299-922.