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Medical App Design

The Dental App

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Medical App Design

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Dental applications are increasingly used to reduce administrative costs, streamline administrative processes in practice, make ordering faster and easier materials, and support your patients. with educational documentation, outcome expectations and general communication.

Design the dental app on request

Dental clinics are starting to take advantage of many mobile “apps” to make dental clinic management easier. ZinPro provides on-demand dental apps with amazing benefits.

Benefits of owning a private dental clinic app

Offers easy booking for your patients and easy communication through your own dentist app.

  • Manage reservations
  • Provide information to the patient
  • Send reminders with push notifications

Dental app design service on request

ZinPro provides on-demand dental app design packages, compatible on Android and IOS platforms. Below are the basic processes to create apps for customers.


We rely on ideas, brands, and your dental clinic day-to-day tasks to outline a new app design that will help you brand your dental application.

Highlight the look of your application

Use your Facebook page or website to bring business, branding, and color schemes to your dentist's app.

Customizable dentist app

Customize your application content; Edit your app with everything the patient will need with our simple drag and drop editor.

Launch of the dental application

Make your application work; Our step-by-step wizard makes it easy to release your dental app worldwide.

Features integrated in a dental app

  • Reservations: Allows patients to schedule your dental appointments from the palm of their hand.
  • Directions: The navigation tab helps new visitors and patients find their way to your dental clinic easily.
  • Push notifications: No more missing appointments - send simple push notifications directly to patient homescreen as reminders.
  • Contact Form: Build registration forms that new and existing patients can submit from their phones.
  • Message Center: Allows users to send quick questions for you to reply through the message center.

Dental App Customization Content: Save money on printing and paper money by using the app to store and manage records and books.
Managing and operating your dental clinic will be much simpler when using the dental app. For support and design advice that best suits your business model, as well as create a separate, attractive and easy-to-use app product, please contact the Hotline: 0835- 299-922.

Medical App Designing

15 - 30 days

15 - 30 days

15 - 30 days