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Digital Transformation

Transportation digital transformation


Digital transformation is happening everywhere. Immediate access to information, connectivity, the advancement of e-commerce, the cloud, digitalization of the social environment, mobile devices, and the convergence with other technological advances create a New market for transportation companies with new challenges and opportunities through digital transformation of transportation

Digital transformation trends for the transport and logistics sector and its benefits?

Digitization is essential for the proper growth of transport and logistics companies in the near future. The sector is undergoing profound transformations with the emergence of multiple process technologies, growing customer expectations and investment flows.

With the advent of the Internet and smart devices, we now have access to huge volumes of information. This evolution, as well as advances made in connectivity, Big Data, analytics tools, and cloud technologies, allow us today to converge technologies (operations and information), to make machines smarter and drive end-to-end digital transformation. As a result, companies can now extract value from the data they have and do the best they can, thanks to increased visibility.

Customers today demand higher levels of service from their transportation providers. So, profound transformations need to be made to improve results, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. And more than that, if they do not embark on digital transformation of transportation, businesses will lose their competitiveness. 

The benefits that digital transformation can bring to businesses in the field of transportation and logistics can be mentioned as:

  • Revolutionizing the usage and providing the right means of transport to the user's needs
  • Making passenger and freight services more flexible, affordable and efficient
  • Improving customer experience in the transportation sector, especially by providing optimal connectivity and extended services
  • Encouraging innovation and tomorrow's practices
  • Increasing visibility on orders, goods and stocks
  • Optimizing the daily transportation management
  • Providing online services to stay competitive and meet the increasingly connected needs of users.

Although these challenges extend to the entire sector, its fragmentation creates specific needs for each activity. This is why ZinPro designs and implements tailor-made solutions for each business.

Digital transformation is the growth lever needed for transportation

The transportation sector today is subject to intense competition. In recent years, traditional businesses have had to deal with the emergence of many online-only companies. As a result, actively participating in digital transformation has become essential for companies. This process allows:

  • To stand out from the competition and stay competitive
  • To advertise the offer
  • Dramatically improving the customer experience and putting it at the heart of the sales process
  • To continue to innovate
  • Improving commercial strategy
  • To optimize the company's internal organization

ZinPro's digital offer for transport companies

ZinPro is a leader in integrating and managing digital flows for companies. Field experience in various projects allows us to actively participate in the digital transformation of domestic and foreign transport companies.

In particular, we provide innovative digital infrastructure for all areas of activity in the field of rail transport, freight transport, air transport, maritime transport...

Our offer provides customers with tailor-made solutions. We can advise on the most suitable tools, then assist in all stages of your transport company's digital transformation:

  • High-performance infrastructure integration: modernizing existing wifi and network infrastructure, improving performance and mobility.
  • For professionals, the richness of transportation applications with the integration of the capabilities of collaboration tools into business processes. For customers, mobile and web applications to enrich their experience before, during and after the trip.
  • Security: Our solutions help you protect your data and applications in the data center or the cloud.

Digital transformation is a big challenge for transport and logistics: Digitization gives the industry a lot of opportunities to accommodate the increasing traffic volume. As the leading digital solutions integrator in Vietnam, ZinPro provides transportation digital transformation services tailored for transportation and logistics professionals. Contact Hotline 0835-299-922 for more advice.