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Travel App Design

Travel App

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Travel App Design

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Travel app overview

Travel App is a tool to help businesses promote images and related services. Based on this, customers know about special products, services, upcoming events and promotions of the travel agency.

Through it, individuals make effective travel plans without any trouble. They can effectively use the app, turning it into a single storefront for all B2B products like hotels, flights, travel, cars, buses, online mobile recharge options, bill payments, travel insurance and more.

It can be said that the travel app is an online platform that opens up opportunities for business development, saving investment costs, and bringing in a greater source of profits for businesses operating in the tourism sector.

The outstanding features of the travel app

Book tour

  • Selection of service packages, combos
  • Consult cost, time and related information
  • Tour change, tour cancellation
  • Receive notifications about discount packages, promotion periods
  • Transportation and accommodation

Flight details and online check-in

  • Real-time flight alerts: Your customers receive notifications indicating any boarding delays, cancellations or changes as well as the number of baggage carousels to collect their checked baggage . New flight information is updated automatically in the app.
  • Other services (wifi, dining, entertainment ...)
  • Interactive airport map
  • Baggage policy
  • Airport transport options and prices
  • Car rental
  •  Refer to the reservation, accommodation details and more.

Suggest itinerary

  • Travel guides for all the destinations your clients will visit (city, region, island).
  • Places directory: Sights, beaches, museums, restaurants, bars, shops and other places with photos, detailed description, schedules, prices, traveler reviews calendar...
  • Image shows live (real time) of the surroundings with distance, notes and opening hours.
  • Postcards, weather forecast, currency conversion, real-world information about destinations ...

Moving map

  • Detailed map of the city, region or country
  • The user's points of interest and real-time location are displayed on the map.
  • Shows directions from the user's location to any location or street, walk, car or subway.
  • Find streets and locations

Other benefits of businesses when using travel app

Travel App becomes the best personalized travel companion for your guests. Through that, your business can better interact with customers and directly benefit such as:

Personalized mobile apps

Your app's palettes, icons, logos and other graphic content are fully personalized with your branding.

Posted under your name

The app is published under the name of a travel agent or tour operator on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Share branded travel

Continuously updated information, customer travel logs are posted on your app history or share them on social media under your branding, driving more traffic and create new business leads.

Manage sync

The application has the function of collecting, aggregating, reporting data, statistics of revenue, and customer feedback. Based on that, the manager will have the basis to adjust the business strategy ...

If you are interested in Zinpro's travel app design service, please contact the Hotline: 0835-299-922 for more detailed advice, to ensure it is consistent with the actual business activities of the company. company.

Travel App Designing

15 - 30 days