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Travel Website Design

Travel Website Design

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Travel Website Design

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The buying habits and expectations of tourists today have many changes, to better reach and serve potential customers, the most basic requirement for a business operating in the tourism industry. That calendar is a must have a website. We provide professional travel website design services to meet the main trend of modern tourism.

Travel web design services at ZinPro

Research design

Research and define content
Defines site structure, ergonomics and navigation principles, content structure
Research keywords for organic reference (SEO)
Choose a domain name

Creation / web design

Create custom graphics for your images

Phone version

Website is designed and produced adhering to the principles of "responsive web design" allowing optimal consultation on all media (computers, smartphones and tablets) or dedicated website for mobile devices.

Content integration

Generate content from customer-supplied elements, to provide a "turnkey" website

Service / features

Develop and integrate on-demand functions on your website: photo gallery, video, animation, event calendar, multi-criteria search, contact form, request quote or reservation, create Dynamic PDF data tables, Google Maps geolocation, weather, booking utilities, social networks ...

Online reservation system

The ability to integrate on your website an online booking system with availability management, with or without online payments (hotel rooms, camping, motels, living rooms, seasonal rentals , trip, event ...).

Site is manageable

You have a powerful, intuitive and complete administration tool that allows you to manage and develop your website's content, track customers and manage booking requests, quotes, and invoicing. ... in complete autonomy and without special technical knowledge.

Multilingual website

Website in Vietnamese or multilingual (depending on customer's request)

The basic functions when designing travel websites

We design a travel website with adjusted functions: visitors are informed, accommodation recommendations and travel offers are clearly illustrated and recorded, online booking…. We develop and integrate functionalities on your website according to your needs:

  • Full-width photo slideshow with auto-scrolling animated illustrations that can enrich text, to illustrate company operations, strengths, environment and services provided
  • Photo gallery, 360 ° virtual tour, video
  • Online catalog of travel services to be offered or online catalog
  • Online booking module (can integrate online payments) and availability
  • Programs and events
  • Featured news
  • Module special offers
  • Maps (Google Maps geographic location)
  • Unique integrated quote form
  • Utilities (reviews on Facebook, Instagram ...)
  • Share via social networks

Above are the basic information about our service. For more detailed advice and support, please contact via Hotline: 0835-299-922. ZinPro's team of experts will help create effective software solutions.

Travel Website Designing

15 - 30 days