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Education App Design

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Education App Design

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Currently, in addition to learning in the classroom and studying at the center, parents also apply the form of hiring tutors to study at home. This form is increasingly developed with the formation of many tutor brokerage centers with groups to exchange contacts and apply for tutors. The quick solution for both parents and teachers to connect with each other is to create a smart tutor app.

Why should design professional tutor app

Tutoring is a form of teaching, imparting knowledge of the teacher to students at home. If you are in need of opening a professional tutoring center or a professional tutor brokerage center, but are still wondering about the development form, cumbersome management plans and investment of manpower and time high. Especially, traditional forms of communication and advertising such as advertising on facebook, posting on forums, distributing leaflets, ... are not highly effective and have no sustainable development.

While parents always want to give their children a solid education, a comfortable and best learning space. Therefore, studying at home is the best idea to help parents feel secure and time-saving students also focus on learning and practicing in a healthy, friendly environment at home. Parents do not regret investing money for their children to study at high costs with excellent teachers and 1-on-1 service. But with that, they always want the best experience and service. , they want a professional system, class, create prestige and trust, easy to choose, evaluate and receive support anytime, anywhere.

App mobile education for tutors has been formed, this is an outstanding development and brings many great benefits to the tutor brokerage business as well as to develop education, professional development and increase your income quickly. It also has practical meaning to help train and nurture young bamboo shoots to follow the path of learning and absorbing knowledge of the era.

Smart features when designing app tutors

Designing custom tutoring apps on demand brings many benefits to developers as well as those wishing to hire tutors. Let's take a look at some smart features of the tutor app:

For tutors:

  • Sign up to become a tutor of the system
  • Contact students / parents via chat function
  • Keep track of daily, weekly, and monthly teaching schedule
  • Timekeeping by each school shift

For parents / students:

  • Create a free account
  • Search tutors in accordance with requirements, geographic location, qualifications, salary
  • Sign up for consulting information to choose the best tutor as well as course
  • Contact tutors via online chat function
  • Evaluate the tutors who have chosen
  • Keep track of account balance information, school history

For tutor center / tutor brokerage center as the founder:

  • Management of tutors under the system
  • The request manager wants to find a tutor
  • Financial management
  • Information storage: tutors, students and parents registered tutors
  • Contact parent / tutor support 24/7

App design service professional tutors at Zin Pro class

Zin Pro is proud to be a reputable professional mobile app designer with a team of powerful and experienced experts in Vietnam. We are confident to bring to customers high-class mobile app products that meet world standards, beautiful interfaces, diverse features, and scientific configurations suitable for all business activities of all businesses.

In particular, the app design service for tutors at Zin Pro is highly appreciated by experts, with absolute satisfaction from customers and partners, providing a smooth experience for users and high efficiency for businesses. development investment.

Why should you cooperate to develop mobile apps with Zin Pro?

Ensure absolute project completion progress

Design programming according to customer requirements

Giving you many options at a reasonable cost

Careful, caring support from a to z

After-sales warranty, answer all questions 24/7

Technology is constantly updating and innovating

You need to develop a mobile app for your business, especially design a prestigious professional tutor app, come right to Zin Pro. Hotline 0835 299 922 is ready to assist customers 24/7.

Education App Designing

15 - 30 days

15 - 30 days