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Vocly App - Learning Vocabulary Easily


Korean is now one of the popular languages ​​in our country, besides English, Chinese, so Korean learning app or software is what a lot of people attend, or teach Korean, are interested in. Language learning applications on the phone will help learners learn whereverly, conveniently in exchanging friends and teachers.

Introducing Vocly Application - Learning vocabulary easily

Vocly is a great app to help you learn vocabulary of 50 languages ​​quickly and easily. All are encapsulated with only one mobile App on each smartphone with each person's Internet connection. 

Learning foreign language becomes more interesting when you can learn hundreds of important vocabulary from playing games, puzzles and tests anytime, anywhere. This is the outstanding advantage of today's language learning applications today compared to other traditional ways of studying on books or foreign language courses taught at the school.

Vocly is also a multi-language integration application in the world that helps meet the demands of learners such as Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Spain, Germany, Philippines, Russia ...

Outstanding features of the app

Check glossary

Learning vocabulary according to 100 interesting topics, using a variety of learning methods will help you remember new words quickly. From a new word card, listening game to puzzles, Vocly will help you learn new words easily.

Creating a dynamic learning

"Reminder learning " feature will motivate you to learn every day. When new words increase, you can check your learning and development process, and review the words you have learned.

Learning 50 languages

Vocly helps you learn up to 50 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Filipino, German, Korean, English, French, Spanish and other languages.

Other features

Checking listening and speaking skills; Training the ability to remember with new word cards; Advanced pronunciation with transcription part; Checking learning progress; Creating dynamics every day with the reminder feature; Fun school learning with many diverse games.

Download here:

Online language learning trend in digital technology

The explosion of the Internet and information technology provides many changes in the quality of teaching and learning foreign languages ​​today. There are 3 main trends:

Interactive learning

Learners have the opportunity to contact directly with "trainer" through online learning software as smart virtual assistants. High interactive learning is becoming a trend and has proven to be outstanding efficiency in improving foreign language qualifications, helping learners pronounce, practice or speak well.

Learning on smart device

Tablets, smartphones, laptops, televisions and other high-tech devices are unfamiliar with many people, the use of smart devices brings many utilities for everyday life to us. Just your device has an internet connection, you can learn foreign languages ​​anywhere and any time.

Integrating multiple resources

The advantage of digital learning is a multi-learning integration, so you can access more resources. Knowledge is vividly conveyed, easier to understand and convenient through the coordination of many forms of transmission, makes it easy to remember and apply to high efficiency.

All of these trends can be integrated with each other and work well, provide the best performance for both learners and developers. That is the application of mobile language learning. Just a smartphone with an internet connection, users can download foreign language learning apps with many outstanding features and vocabulary stores, giant lessons to learn wherever, even with indigenous people video.

Intelligent language app development service at ZinPro

ZinPro provides foreign language app development services for organizations, businesses and individuals who need to design or change technology, interface, scale, App management software or information nature of the application Mobile. Applications on iOS and Android platforms are debveloped by ZinPro, we provide regular and annual maintenance services with preferential costs.

Each app project is undergone the process, including:

- Analyzing suitable features for enterprise: exchanging and consulting customers in detailed features, business processing in software.

- Designing user interface: designing interface for mobile app as required from customers.

- CMS APIS programming: Building notes data systems for mobile app platform.

- Mobile app programming on Android and iOS platform: coding on 2 platforms ( Android and iOS) with the most effective technology.

- Tester/ QC: Quality Testing of App Products (Mobile App, CMS) ensures proper quality as committed to customers.

- QA (Quality Assurance): Controling on the App Project Deployment Processes to ensure correctly.

- Implementing the project according to the AGILE/ SCRUM: software communication and transfer for customers every 2-4 weeks (stage). We continuously accept customer feedback to optimize and adjust for the next stages.

With high-class, exclusive app development services, attentive care support, satisfying customers in every way. Customers who need to develop mobile app, please contact Hotline 0835 299 922 for detailed support.