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Why You Need To Develop An E-commerce App


In the booming market of e-commerce solutions, most online stores rely on e-commerce applications as an extension of their websites. Therefore, as an online store, developing a mobile e-commerce app is almost essential to drive growth and sales.

E-commerce application development trend

Transforming a brick-and-mortar business into a digital one offers a more personalized shopping experience. Thanks to the e-commerce app, online stores can better meet the needs and preferences of customers.But why are these apps popular with consumers?

According to one survey, there are the top 4 reasons consumers use an e-commerce app:

  • To receive exclusive offers (68%)
  • For flexibility and the ability to buy at any time (64%)
  • To compare products and prices (62%)
  • To save time going to the store (54%)

In addition to these reasons, consumers tend to use e-commerce applications to access more products (53%), avoid going to the store (47%) and choose the location and time to receive orders (27%).

Why do modern businesses need to develop e-commerce apps?

First, let's discuss the benefits of e-commerce application can bring to online stores.


Loyalty can be one of the reasons why online stores develop mobile apps. The goal is to create a strong connection between the store and the customer.

By providing exclusive offers for the installation of the application, customers are encouraged to purchase through personalized and engaging offers, such as limited-time offers.

Why is brand loyalty so important? According to data provided by Adobe, about 67% of online shoppers who use their mobile device to make purchases prefer to do so through the brand's official app. By stimulating user engagement through an ergonomic app, you can reinforce their loyalty to your brand.

More quality content

We all know customers hate slow websites. If a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, 42% of visitors will decide to leave that page. Be careful, you have to think about distinguishing websites from internet sites.

Creating apps for your online store allows you to present content in a faster, more engaging, and user-friendly way. In addition, most e-commerce applications do not need the internet for basic functions to work. In contrast, websites always require an internet connection to download and update their content.

According to a study, smartphone users spend 90% of their time interacting with apps. Also, 79% of smartphone users have at least one e-commerce app and 10% of them have up to 6 apps!

Advanced marketing strategies

The popularity of e-commerce applications continues to grow thanks to the good marketing strategies adopted.

On Android and iOS mobile apps, users can upload product photos to find similar items. The reverse search images allow you to easily find products and provide an exceptional customer experience for users.

A more traditional strategy among e-commerce applications is to send push notifications. Sending personalized messages, using the right words, and communicating them at the right time can boost your sales instantly.

Basic functions of an e-commerce app

In addition to being aware of the possible benefits of e-commerce app development, it's important to understand the basic functions that can be implemented.

Basic functions

ZinPro's dedicated development team argues that the technical aspects of an application are not always easy to understand and define. That is why we have listed the basic functions of an e-commerce application to detail the important points.

Admin dashboard

Basically, this is an access account for e-commerce store owners, which can be used (preferably on a computer) to easily add products to categories, track orders, automatically discount...

User login

To make in-app purchases, add payment facilities, or comment on products, a connection is required. You can choose to combine your email address and password to access your account. Connections through social networks, such as Facebook, can also be made.

Product catalog

It contains an overview of all your products.The app will divide your products into main categories and sub-categories to sort them.

Search bar

In order for customers to easily find products, a search bar needs to be added. We can help you add the ability to scan barcodes or take pictures of products in the store to access information such as stock availability, available colors or sizes offered.


This feature allows users to add products to a digital cart and pay for all items at once. Customers just need to click on the “add to cart” option and select the quantity and details (if needed) to easily add or remove items from the cart.

Integrated orders and payments

E-commerce App provides card payment, PayPal, invoice, gift card payment option. Customers can also choose to deliver the package to a specific address or post office.

Privacy and security

The application is obliged to inform the user data is being collected, why and for what purpose. This is extremely important to keep in mind as there may be penalties for not following the regulations. Our application requires approval of the privacy and security policy as soon as your customer downloads it and starts using it.

Additional functions

In addition to the main functions of an e-commerce application, you can experience the following additional functions:

  • Push notifications: to send personalized messages and offers.
  • Signals: to personalize push notifications and provide customers with exclusive local deals.
  • Favorite product items: The ability to add your favorites to the list.
  • Magazine: An in-app blog to find the latest fashion trends.
  • Store locator: To easily find a store nearby.
  • Loyal customers: The option to create a member account for discounts, free shipping, points on purchases and exclusive discounts.

All of these functions are optional, but should be used to increase your sales! 

Creating a mobile application is a fundamental step in the evolution of e-commerce in order to stand out from other online stores and drive sales, it is necessary to provide an optimal user experience.

You're looking for quality e-commerce app development services for your online store, don't hesitate to contact ZinPro. We will bring you the best final product. For more information, please contact hotline +84-835-299 922.